Kanye West Was Suspended By Twitter, Meanwhile Kim Kardashian Chilling With Khloe Kardashian’s Cookies?


Kim Kardashian’s husband has recently urinated on Grammy award. Kanye West was even suspended from posting anything on Twitter. The reason behind this is disclosing the intimate details about Forbes editor.

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However, on Thursday, Kim Kardashian was spotted 24 hours after this incident occurred.

At an office building, Kim could be seen flaunting herself. Her husband, Kanye West, was suspended for 24 hours.

Twitter suspended him for disclosing some essential and exclusive information. Editor’s contact number was announced as well.

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Additionally, the bipolar disorder star Urinated on the Grammy Award and urinated. Kanye even made a video doing so.

The KKW beauty hasn’t yet commented anything on her husband’s crazy behaviour. She saw a face mask when she was spotted. However, it was seen that she wore the Mask incorrectly.

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Her SUV was parked in an underground garage. In Los Angeles at an office building, she got into her car.

Despite knowing the correct way to wear the mask, Kim wore it in the wrong way. Her mouth was covered, but her nose remained uncovered. One should eat with both the nose and mouth covered for no risk.

Enjoying With Khloe:

Kill shared on her Instagram stories about her whereabouts. On Thursday she was at Khloe Kardashian’s house. Moreover, Kim was excited about kitchen cookies.

On October 21, Kim Kardashian would turn 40. She stated thatThese are my weakness guys. How much willpower do I have? I’m on a 40th birthday countdown, so I have just to be… I’m trying to be less sugar and just fewer carbs.”