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'The Bachelor'? Here's All You Need To Know -
The Bachelor
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Did Irena Srbinovska Win Locky Gilbert’s Final Rose In ‘The Bachelor’? Here’s All You Need To Know

The Bachelor
Source: BachandBachetteFans

Leaked photos of Irena Srbinovska and Locky Gilbert has surfaced on the internet. They seemingly suggest that Irena Srbinovska is the winner of ‘The Bachelor‘.

The 31-year-old nurse has been the fan-favourite to win Gilbert’s heart. The new paparazzi shots have not disappointed fans on this front.

Although there is no sure-shot proof, photographers in Melbourne have taken notice that her car has been in the driveway for a week.

Irena has returned to Melbourne in July, after filming wrapped on ‘The Bachelor’.

Also till about a week ago, she has been regularly going to work. She works as an anaesthetic and recovery nurse at a nearby hospital.

Irena rarely left her house for anything else besides the trip to the grocery store. This is because Melbourne is now in stage four of lockdown.

But for a week or so, her car hasn’t left her driveway. Also, she hasn’t been spotted anywhere in Melbourne.

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What Does This Disappearance Of Irena Suggest?

The Bachelor
Source: BachandBachetteFans

This ‘disappearance’ has led to speculations that she is secretly taken a week ago to Sydney.

Because the winning couple is obliged by contract to do press together after the finale airs on TV.

The post-finale press of ‘The Bachelor’ always starts in Sydney and then heads to Melbourne.

So, for Irena to be available for the media interviews in Sydney by next Friday, she would have to take-off from Melbourne last week.

Because anyone who travels from Melbourne to Sydney must stay in mandatory hotel quarantine for 14 days.

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If Irena did escape Melbourne, then right now she must have completed a week of quarantine at her hotel.

Locky, living in Perth, has no such restrictions because there are no quarantine requirements for those flying in from WA.

Till this week’s Friday, Irena is the ultimate favourite to win the show this year. Fans believe that Bella Varelis is likely to come second and Bec Cvilikas will take the third place.

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