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Microsoft Teams: New Features Including Virtual Breakout Rooms Coming Soon

There were already different updates that happened in Microsoft Teams to keep up with its rival apps. It even included the background customization feature to the application to make the home offices creative. After all, the background change craze in applications started after the tool was first seen in Zoom. Now Microsoft is coming with another update for the Teams. In the coming months, we may see a feature called Virtual Breakout Rooms. This feature will allow the users to make group video calls from then.

However, this is also another feature and the basic use and feature of the Zoom app. By adding this feature, Microsoft can keep its users inside the application without going out to another app to make a group video call. Moreover, the meeting host can assign particular participants to a virtual room for small chats. After the small room chats, the host can call them back to the main video call where all participants are present. This feature is helpful when a small group of main coordinators in a team needs to make decisions during a video conference.

More Details On Microsoft Teams Virtual Breakout Rooms

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The feature is still under development and expected to be launched in the fourth quarter of the year. The feature is mentioned in the blog post that Microsoft posted earlier this week. In the blog post, it included all the upcoming features. The features that are expected to be in the Microsoft Teams are described. After all, there are many different features coming to the Microsoft Teams that are already the basic features of Zoom. Although, Microsoft is not the only app that started to develop features the same to Zoom as we know.

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