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Anime Shows That Entertain Students | 2022 Edition

Anime shows are Japanese cartoon series and television shows. Students are increasingly turning to anime as they help distract them from their studies and have a good time. Popular Anime Shows offer viewers fantastic stories, surreal characters, and stunning animation.

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We recommend a selection of Anime Shows, which will be helpful for students and schoolchildren. Some will motivate you to study, some will introduce you to new approaches to education, and some will give you useful, practical skills such as how to write essays and more. Anime Shows are part of self-education.

Nodame Cantabile

The anime refers to the story “Beauty and the Beast.” Although, in fact, it’s more about a freaky student and a talented young man. Well, as you might have guessed, the anime brings them together in a place, or more specifically, makes their dormmates. What’s the beauty of anime? It’s a perfect depiction of college life. You could even say that the author did a research paper on the topic of real college life. Everyone has to face difficulties: noisy neighbours, lazy pupils, the teacher comments for students’ writing work, and much more.

In addition to the “dark” side of being a student, the anime shows things that, after watching them, will make you want to become a student. The pursuit of dreams, and meeting new people. Even the grading college papers are shown interestingly. Positive emotions after watching it are guaranteed. It is definitely worth watching for everyone interested in studying and being a student.


A sports anime about Japanese baseball. The anime is not so much about sports, but more about putting theory into practice. And that is an incredibly important thing for a student. We all get some knowledge, tons of theory flies into our heads, and when it comes to practice, it does not work. The central theme of the anime is management. The main character Minami accidentally buys a book on management from Peter Druker, and tries to implement his concepts in baseball team management.

It won’t be boring, don’t be intimidated. Management is shown here in a really interesting and dynamic way, but that’s not all the story is about. This is a fun anime, but with a dramatic component. It doesn’t matter what you study, what’s important is how to apply the knowledge, and the anime does a good job of showing and giving the viewer useful tips and tricks.


What would you change if life gave you a chance to return to your high school years? 27-year-old student Arata Kaizaki takes part in an unusual experiment that ends up making him 10 years younger and returning to high school. Confident in his abilities, looking at everything from the height of life experience, he thinks that he can easily cope with any difficulties. However, soon enough, Kaizaki realizes how deeply mistaken he was. In an attempt to correct the mistakes he made and to take control of his destiny, Kaizaki learns to live his life in a new way. It may motivate some viewers to follow his example, albeit in a less fantastical scenario.

Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine

Anime with an interesting plot. According to it, a royal tutor is sent to teach four princes. It’s not the plot and story that matters here, but the motivation. This anime cartoon is filled with inspiration for learning and self-development. Watch it and +100 to the sting of learning.


In the anime, we will be met with useful information that will help us communicate with people. How do a hikkan and a snob start socializing and communicating? Plenty of people have trouble socializing and making friends. Oregairu will be helpful in this matter. The main thing is to adapt the message of anime in your life properly. And, of course, where to go without it: the flip side of student life.

Carole & Tuesday

In a future where the music industry is controlled by artificial intelligence, modest guitarist Tuesday and keyboardist Carole barely have a chance to give their music to a wider audience. But brought together by fate, the girls decide to join forces and perform at a global competition in the hope of showing everyone how great “live” music can be. If you’re an artist and dream of further developing your talent, this is the anime for you.

Mob Psycho 100

The work’s protagonist, Shigeo Kageyama, is probably the most powerful psychic in the world. Only his true potential he has to hide for fear of hurting the people around him. But this does not mean that Shigeo, also known as The Mob, refuses to move forward and grow above himself. Throughout the story, the hero develops, gains confidence, and finds his place in the world. Of course, everyone would like to know the spell for good grades, but the anime shows that even wizards need to learn. No doubt, many of you will be ready to follow his example.

Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?

Getting up from the couch to finally work out is what motivation is hardest to find. That’s where this one comes in. In Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru, the difficulties that almost everyone is familiar with are presented through the story of cute anime girls. Hibiki, Akemi, and the other heroines constantly learn new types of exercises (extremely authentic and explained in detail), getting into comical situations along the way. At the same time, they are steadily making jokes about other anime series and manga. An easy-going show that plays around with many of the usual clichés and reminds you that it’s worth going to the gym.


Anime always carries some sort of message and teaches us something new. Many of the titles are great examples for students. They teach love, work, friendship, learning, and more. Some series teach us life lessons about morality, while others can also give us academic knowledge. When complex scientific things are wrapped up in entertaining content, learning is doubly enjoyable.

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