Along With NYC Schools Governor Cuomo Is Also About To Shut Down Restaurants And Gyms


Along With NYC Schools Governor Cuomo Is Also About To Shut Down Restaurants And Gyms

Today in New York City you can eat inside an eatery, can go to a salon or barbershop. You can also visit galleries. But you can’t send your kids to publicly funded school.

Bars, restaurants and all schools in New York will close | WBFO

Guardians were left in restless limbo for seven days as the city continued creeping nearer to the chairman’s 3 per cent energy rate conclusion limit. In the long run, it hit that Wednesday, as per city information. It in the long run Presently families by and by are scrambling to guarantee their children have the instruments they have to adapt entirely distantly uncertainly – and to guarantee somebody will be home to think about them full-time for the given period.

City hall leader Bill de Blasio says he’s cheerful that the conclusion will last only a couple of weeks. He hopes to give lucidity on resuming benchmarks before Thanksgiving after an interview with the state. Meanwhile, city authorities state they comprehend the unexpected – and natural – burden guardians are confronting once more.

COVID New York: Gov. Andrew Cuomo announces new restrictions for NY bars,  restaurants, gyms - ABC7 New York

“This is a tough day. It was a tough decision yesterday. It’s not something anyone can possibly be happy about. I understand the frustration of parents,” de Blasio said Thursday. “We will bring our schools back. But we’re going to have to reset the equation. Something is changing, it’s changing rapidly in this city. We certainly see what’s happening around the country. We’ve got to reset the equation.”

New York orders bars, restaurants and gyms to close at 10pm - Times of India

“Our schools have been extraordinarily safe. We’ve got to keep it that way,” he added. “We can’t just stand pat with a strategy that worked before when conditions are changing. We need to come up with even more stringent rules to make schools work and testing is going to be absolutely crucial.”

Many guardians also asked why the restaurant, bars and gyms are still kept open as these places have a higher risk to contribute to the spread of the virus. And, data also reveals that the in-school positivity rate is under 0.2 per cent. Governor Cuomo says that the percentage indicates schools are safer than New York City streets.

Advancing the tension, another CDC report incorporates a realistic that proposes kids were more secure in schools than on roads toward the beginning of the pandemic, as well. The graph shows the viral spread proceeded with unabated well after the spring closure.

Some guardians also planned to organize a protest rally outside City Hall later Thursday.

New York City Schools, Restaurants and Bars Are Shut Down Over Coronavirus  - The New York Times

To guardians furious that cafes and bars remain open as schools close, de Blasio had an unmistakable message Thursday: It’s just a matter of time before those shut, too.

“The governor made clear yesterday that it’s just a matter of time before indoor dining will close and other types of things,” he said. “Anyone who heard those words ‘orange zone’ yesterday … the orange zone rules are clear. And New York City will before long be in that orange zone status. Those restrictions are coming.”

De Blasio said he anticipates them in possibly 14 days. The ongoing development of the city’s day by day case average, which beat 1,200 unexpectedly Thursday since May 8, makes it practically unavoidable that the city’s moving inspiration rate will, in the end, meet the lead representative’s measures for an orange zone – except if, by one way or another, the volume of negative tests figures out how to resist latest things and hold the positivity rate down.


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