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3lv, 14b, dl, ux, x3, vb3, After Fatal Shootout 'Jacob Blake' Spoke For The First Time: Here's What He Said After His Recovery - The Tech Education
Jacob Blake
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After Fatal Shootout ‘Jacob Blake’ Spoke For The First Time: Here’s What He Said After His Recovery

Jacob Blake has finally spoken to the public. However, he is still in recovery. Jacob is currently in pain after the fatal shot on 23 August. The doctors reported that the damage that Jacob took from the bullets will leave him paralyzed from the waist down to his feet.

Jacob Blake Statement On the Video

Blake’s family doctor took a video of Jacob and posted it on twitter to reveal his current condition. He said in the video that he feels the pain every day and the pain never goes away. He then goes by saying that it hurts him whenever he tries to sleep and also it hurts when he moves from side-to-side. Jacob also said that it hurts when he eats the food.

Jacob who is father of six children said on Crumps’ video that he has staples in his back and stomach as well. He added by saying that every individual life and their legs which help them move forward in life will be taken away in a snap.

He ended his statement by saying to stick together and make some money. Make everything easier for people, because we have wasted enough time, said Jacob.

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What happened at the Crime Scene?

A white police officer shot Jacob Blake while his children were sitting on the back seat of the car. The police officer shot blake when he was trying to get away from them. The police officer named Rusten Sheskey shot blake when he tried to lean over the side seat of the car.

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Luckily the video of the shooting was recorded and it got viral in social media. This lead to protests and unrest in Kenosha in Wisconsin.

The Justice Police Department Statements

The police officer Mr. Rusten and his other colleague are given pending leave from the administration. The investigation is still going on and the Wisconsin Department of Justice has not charged them against this case.

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The Justice Department of state said that Jacob was carrying a gun, therefore the police officer tried to arrest him. The department has not clearly said that he was carrying the knife when the police officer shot him.

The Man who took the video of the shooting, witnessed the crime scene. But he said that Jacob did not carry any knife which could have harm the other officers.

The Kenosha Department of police has stated that Blake had a Knife with him and when the officers told him to drop the knife, blake didn’t do it. The officer also tried to use a Taser but it didn’t harm much to Mr. Blake.



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