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Reality Check: Does Joe Biden Is Or Isn’t Mentally Suited To Become The President Of US

The issued raised about Trump about mental inability and Cognitive test for the Presidential election and the nominee of this test will be Joe Biden. Donald Trump addresses that Joe Biden is unfit for the highest office in the land and has become an important occupant among the supporters of Donald Trump.

In any day within the past few months, the main characters of the right learning give the opinion that ” Joe Biden is losing his memory and getting senile” and suffers from” Dementia” or might else have”Alzheimer ” it is kind of mental illness. While Trump always mocks Joe Biden with the moniker ” Sleepy Joe”.

Joe BIden Demenia

In the eyes of Pro-Trump voters. “Biden compromise faculties to make them unfit for the office, which even else didn’t matter because of the condition purposely make him incapable of mounting a campaign and winning the presidency in the first place.” Biden even earns sympathy from this Republican constituency for being manipulated for their own gain.

Biden lack of public impression also borrows him a view of an uninspired candidacy. Well, Biden also hogs up the spotlight at every possibility, he always remains out of the sight from the last few months.

Well for now considering the lead in the polls, the race is so far has been equally on both the sides Donald trump and Biden didn’t lose any of the sights. while the Trump also struggled the consequences of the Covid-19 and Trump have been called out for the re-election card.

But Trumps ” Sleepy Joe” also set a trap for him itself and he walked right into it.

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