A Serial Killer: Colvin Confesses Another Murder At 61!! Turns Out To be A Joke To You ?? Check Here….

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A Murderoholic?

You might have seen freaks, but this one will shock you. Here I am talking about a murdering monster. This man killed around 52 women on national highways and was the ultimate source of terror. Also, revealing who this man is, let me tell you that he is Dellmus ‘Heavy’ Colvin, and is currently 61.

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An Open Murder Confession

You, might have heard many types of confessions but have you ever heard of a murder confession where the killer slept great after killing someone? Don’t be upset that you never heard of one. Here we are with a shocking revelation that will displace the ground under your feet.

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This man said, killed a woman at a truck stop outside LaSalle County before dumping her naked body around the back of a truck wash in Illinois. This piece of news has created a sense of horror deep down everyone’s heart. Moreover, Colvin confessed to the murder on the ‘Where the Bodies are Buried’ podcast.

Further Revelations Will Add A Chill To Your Spine

This man has stunned every single person down there. We already know that crimes have increased due to certain reasons, some start their criminal career for revenge while some to eradicate their helplessness. Additionally, Colvin started his criminal career for the sake of “Pure Pleasure”.

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He claims to have  killed around  52 women in multiple states between 1983 and 2005.  Also, Colvin said that he began the killing around the age of 24 .

Moreover, he even lost count of the number of victims, but boasted that in his ‘best year’ he killed three. He claimed his first murder was of a hitchhiker in New Jersey. A search on Wednesday uncovered two small pieces of bone at the site.

Where Is Colvin Now?

There are some sighs of relief as this monster is behind bars in Ohio serving two life sentences. Furthermore, the serial killer stalked America’s highways while working as a trucker. Subsequently, luring sex workers before strangling them and dumping their bodies across state lines.

This is really something horrifying .