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Blow From The Trump-Supporting Cable News Operation Hits Particularly Hard.

Fox News is somewhat rattled by Trump’s Military story. It confirms, debunks and then reconfirms it.

The news channel is flustered by The Atlantic article on insults by US President against military service members. Fox News is unable to decide where to land on this particular piece of information. Fox News’ Nationa Security Correspondent Jennifer Griffin, first attacked the article but eventually confirmed it a little later. Not stopping there, she bashed it again only to reconfirm the piece.

Jennifer posted a long thread on twitter as well, confirming the critical points of the bombshell article. The article cited various reports of Trump claiming fallen service members by saying they were “losers” and “suckers”. The article also includes the shocking revelation of Trump refusing to visit the graves of American war deads at Aisne Marne Cemetary, while in France 2018.

Jennifer wrote in a twitter snippet. Mr President once said it’s not a “good look” to include “wounded guys” on 4th July Military parade.

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld confirmed the report on “the five” bashed and the “debunked” and “outrageous” story as a SCAM and a HOAX. None of the reporters found any originality of the cited findings through the Pentagon.

But Wait! Just an hour after the above issues, Griffin telecasted on Fox News and discussed confirmation related to her long tweet. Host Greg Gutfeld also slammed The Atlantic for using anonymous sources to debunk- and then- confirm their article.

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Despite all of the chaos, Fox News stuck to its position that the former was essentially correct. Political observers see Fox’s confirmation as potential harm to Trump and his reputation because the media outlet usually backs the president.



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