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Are Natalie Mordovtseva and Mike Youngquist Still Together?

Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva became known to TLC viewers when they appeared on the 7th season of 90 Day Fiancé. They returned for Season 8 and then left again, but this time without Michael’s second wife Valerie, who we met in Season 9. Keep scrolling for the latest news about Mike and Natalie’s relationship.

Mike and Natalie’s Drama Started in Ukraine

When Mike and Natalie made their TLC debut, they were already engaged and awaiting a K-1 visa for Natalie so she could legally travel to the United States as the fiancée of an American citizen. The couple, who met when their mutual friends appointed them godparents to their child, hit a bump in the road when there was a delay

Since Mike and Natalie couldn’t wait any longer to finally have the chance to meet in person, Ann booked a plane ticket for him to go visit her in Ukraine. Throughout their time leading up to his departure, they revealed that they had starkly different opinions on things like religion, finances and children (with each of them wanting one).

They got into a big fight the night before he was scheduled to return, and she threw her engagement ring in his suitcase.

“We were still struggling with issues in our relationship when we returned for the 7th season told-all,” Natalie said. “Mike got accused of cheating on me.”

“What, why?” asked Laura.
“Yeah, and that’s not all: I also don’t think he’s my soulmate – even though he believes otherwise

Mike and Natalie’s Season 8 Return

On the season 8 premiere, Mike and Natalie were happy to hear that her K-1 visa was finally approved. Although their relationship was still rocky, they decided to give it one last try and use the 90 days leading up with their wedding day for building their marriage.

But things got worse when Natalie touched down in Washington. The couple continued to fight as Natalie struggled to adjust to life on a farm in a rural area after living in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital city. Despite their differing dietary preferences, Mike and Natalie have remained committed to each other over the past three months. Instead, Mike repeatedly told Natalie he didn’t feel they were ready to get married and seemed reluctant about picking a date for their wedding.Are Natalie Mordovtseva and Mike Youngquist Still Together

The tension reached a boiling point when Mike finally agreed to go to couple s therapy with Natalie after she insisted they seek professional help. However, during their first session, Mike told Natalie he wasn’t in love with her anymore.

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Mike and Natalie called off their wedding during the March 21 episode. It is unclear whether they will get back together, but Natalie was seen crying in her backyard after Mike told her ‘I can’t marry you.’ Since I’ve arrived in America, a lot has happened.

Are Mike and Natalie Married?

Despite the dramatic preview, Mike and Natalie did get married. In Touch can confirm that they tied the knot in Washington.

Mike and Natalie Return for Happily Ever After? Season 6

The couple was unable to maintain their marriage. By the time they returned for a special season, their marriage had already begun to deteriorate. A turning point in their union occurred while they visited Mike s mother Trish and celebrated Thanksgiving in Oklahoma.

Mike and Natalie were guests of Trish’s when they visited, but Natalie felt that Trish does not initially welcome her. She found herself slighted on several occasions by Trish: the remarks about her being a pescetarian (as opposed to insisting upon meat), refusing to let Natalie leave with Mike, demanding that she have a job as

Even though Mike and Trish deny that Trish called Natalie a “hooker,” it was too much for the blonde beauty. On the morning they returned to Washington after time apart, she told Trish that she spoke with her mother and her mother advised against any contact between them. “I m sorry. I listen to my mom,” Natalie said before turning around and walking out of Trish s home to wait in the car.

Trish and Mike attempted to chat with Natalie on their way to the airport, but she refused to speak and gave them both the silent treatment until they arrived. Once they got through security, Natalie walked ahead without saying goodbye.

The tension between Mike and Natalie continued to escalate on the July 25 episode. As their joint filmed announcement shot, they started fighting again because Trish called Natalie a hooker while she was at her home in November 2020. To settle the matter once and for all, Mike told Natalie to confront his mother face-to face while they were filming interviews.

Mike s mother Trish formally introduced herself to her daughter in law Natalie by informing her she did not approve of the way she treated Mike. Trish also accused, without any basis, that Natalie manipulates Mike and does not love him.

In 2020, the couple fought on Christmas eve after which Natalie left to stay with her friend Juliana in Seattle. Mike got so upset that he stood up from the couch and started yelling across the room. He revealed that his wife only spends one night a week at home for the past three weeks because she spends most of her time with Juliana.Are Natalie Mordovtseva and Mike Youngquist Still Together

Are Mike and Natalie Still Together?

In touch can reveal that 90 day fiancé stars Mike and Natalie are no longer a couple exclusively. The pro dancer, who dated the make-up artist for over three months, confirmed the news on March 22. The 90 Day Fiancé couple are still together.

In December 2020, Tamara , the neighbor of Mike and Natalie s uncle back in Florida and a fellow cast member on 90 Day Fiancé , confirmed that this past Christmas season was one devoid of love for these two. The show is teasing on social media that a breakup will be featured in the upcoming season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After ?

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Are Mike and Natalie Divorced?

In Touch can confirm that neither Mike nor Natalie have sought a divorce filing, according to court records. Reality show salaries are surprisingly not the highest in Hollywood when it comes to television industry rankings.

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