5 NFTs That Stayed the Course Despite the Bear Market [2022]

2022 was a year that many thought would bring better fortunes than the profits of 2021. But has that been the case? You probably know that it has been the opposite as the entire crypto market seems to have crumbled. What about NFTs? You ask. Unfortunately, the strength of the bear did not only end with fungible coins, but also digital collectibles that were once considered “untouchable”.

For most of the year, several NFT collections have gone from fantastic floor prices to unwanted assets. In fact, the kings of the ecosystem like Bored Ape, DeGods, and Sorare have felt the wrath, courtesy of the market decline and some underlying factors. However, there have been some positives to take from the value dump, with a few collections fighting off the drawdown. So, in this article, we will consider five different NFT collections that have sustained an excellent performance despite the whole capitulation that has rocked the industry. Want to know what these collections bring to the table and how they’ve sustained the pressure? Then, stay glued to the in-depth information in this article. Now, let’s look at the first collection that has been impressive.

Okay Bears

If you have ever found traded digital collectibles on the Solana chain, then you must have heard of Okay Bears. If you haven’t, here is a chance to get acquainted with the collection that has had millions of dollars in trading volume. With over 125,000 followers, the Solana-based collection prides itself as a collection pushing for a culture shift in the web3 ecosystem. Interestingly, this objective aligns with the goal of the Bitcoin Up trading platform to help people achieve financial freedom through decentralisation.

In 2022, Okay Bears will be able to produce returns in the market for traders. As of this writing, the sales volume for one has hit almost $40,000 with potential to do more. Of course, you might wonder why we rank it as a great performing collection. The reasons are as clear as the day. In all of the year, the collection’s floor price had not dipped below 50%. In addition, the team behind the NFT has also collaborated with the major brands in improving its community and increasing adoption.


This collection launched in April 2022, and was built under the Ethereum ERC-721 chain. With over 10,000 NFTs, the Moonbirds collection acts as a private members-only and has created a prominent name for itself in the NFT space. The collection was founded by Kevin Rose and had its floor price hit 2.5ETH at one point in the same year. This value hike led to many investors making insane profits from owning the assets. It would also interest you to know that Moonbirds had grossed about $300 million in trading volume. This value accounted for both private, primary and secondary sales.

In terms of utility, Moonbirds roadmap shows that owners get a “nest” as a safe place to keep their assets. This has built more confidence as more buyers have given more attention to the collection while it has returned the favour with a relatively excellent performance.


If you have ever heard of DeGods, then you must have heard of the y00ts collection. This is because the same team, Dust Labs, led by Frank DeGods, was the same that created the NFT collection. y00ts was built on the Solana blockchain. So, you expect that the trading on the chain is as fast as you can imagine. Y00ts has about 15,000 NFTs in the collection, and a mint price of 375 DUST. Despite the fall of the Solana price, y00ts has remained in a good performance level. You should, however, know that nothing is guaranteed with holding any asset or collection as the wider NFT market can impact the price of the y00ts.

At the time of this writing, the collection’s daily trading volume was over $235,000, with a 75% increase from the last 24-hours. In addition the floor price was also 124 SOL. y00ts is available on several Solana NFT marketplaces like Magic Eden and Solanart. You should, however, know that you should do your own research before committing your capital to own a y00t NFT, and not depend on speculation for profits. Next, let;s look at the Chimpers NFT, also built on the Ethereum blockchain.



The Ethereum price fell below $1,000 at one point in 2022, and sent shivers down the spine of investors. With this development, you might have expected that the price dump would have affected the NFT price. Of course, it did. However, the Chimpers NFT collection has been able to weather the storm while holding up an excellent trading volume.

Chimpers NFT is a collection of 5555 characters with a one-of-a-kind digital identity. Unlike Bored Ape, Chimpers prides itself as a “boring apes”. This same collection was created in May 2022, and has accumulated a trading volume of 12,837 ETH. At the time of this writing, Chimpers had 809 unique owners, which amounted for 15% of the whole collection.

Now, let’s look to finish this article by evaluating ArtGobblers, an NFT collection that has “wowed” the crypto community and its investors.


Referred to as a decentralised experiment, ArtGlobbers was founded by Justin Roiland the Paradigm team. With over 2,000 items, ArtGobblers operate on the Ethereum blockchain and charge a creator fee of 6.9%. As for its performance, the culture-relevant collections sales volume increased about 25% as of the time of this writing. Interestingly, the collection has a floor price of 3.46 ETH, with a total trading volume spanning over 11,300 ETH.

For the creators, the aim of creating the collection was to inject fresh ideas into the NFT ecosystem. This objective seemed to have yielded good results as it has gained a massive amount of attention and liquidity pump. Same as Chimpers, the fall in the Ethereum price affected the value. However, the floor price has been able to make up for the collection price.

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