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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti: Release Date, Price, Details & Updates!

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At the end of NVIDIA’s gaming speech at CES 2022 in January, the company teased the RTX 3090 Ti GPU, and dedicated gamers have already begun preparing for the next impossible-to-buy hardware. You may find out all we know about this enigmatic GPU, including an expected release date and price as well as technical details and how they compare to other recent GPUs now on the market. Let’s get right to it, as there’s a lot to discuss.


A definite release date for the forthcoming NVIDIA GPU has not yet been confirmed, but NVIDIA has promised further information would be available in January. As a result, we expect the 3090 Ti to be available as soon as the middle of February or the beginning of March. On January 27th, NVIDIA will unveil their new RTX 3050, so we won’t know anything about the 3090 Ti until after that.

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We don’t have price information on the 3090 Ti just yet, but the new top-of-the-line GPU is likely to be pretty costly. There is an MSRP of $1,499 for the standard RTX 3090. Since its more powerful sibling is expected to hit the $2,000 threshold, we’re not shocked. NVIDIA will undoubtedly charge a premium for the goods, especially in light of growing inflation and a continuing chip scarcity.

When the 2080 Ti was first introduced in 2018, it cost up to $999. The sky’s the limit since we’ve already been beyond that limit.3090 Ti  Release Date

GEFORCE 3090 TI Specification

Since its promised unveiling, NVIDIA has been discreet about most aspects of the 3090 Ti’s specifications, but those are now revealed. The specifics are as follows.

40 TFlops for Shaders, 78 TFlops for RT, 320 TFlops for Tensors, and 21 GB of G6X memory at 21 GB/s

As a general rule, the 3090 Ti appears to give a 10% performance improvement over the normal 3090 in all areas. When it came to performance, the 3090 was around 10% quicker than RTX 3080’s most sought-after card. No matter how many official and third-party tests there are, the 2090 Ti will undoubtedly be the king of mainstream GPUs in the near future regardless of how powerful they are. But how much you’re willing to spend on it is up to you.

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Is There A Founders Exclusion For The 3090 Ti

We’re not sure, though. With the RTX 2060 12 GB and the upcoming RTX 3050, NVIDIA has taken a step away from Founders Edition launches, which leads us to believe that a high-end edition like the 3090 Ti will be left up to manufacturers. Because gamers’ expectations for this card are so high, NVIDIA may also be able to come up with the resources to produce its own version.

In late January, NVIDIA is scheduled to reveal all the details of the 3090 Ti, and this question is likely to be answered then as well.

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