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h3r, x, 7, 4b, rcg, 8x8, 27, YouHave80%Chance Of Having Coronavirus If You Have These Symptoms
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You Have 80% Chance Of Having Coronavirus – If You Have These Symptoms

You Have 80% Chance Of Having Coronavirus – If You Have These Symptoms

Coronavirus disease is an exceptionally infectious and deadly disease caused by the recently developed coronavirus. People are suffering from this disease from all over the world. Symptoms of coronavirus are also varying from person to person. Like, some are suffering from severe respiratory problems to organ failure, while some are having mild stomach issues or a slight fever.


Crucial Symptom Of Covid-19

A recent study reveals that there is a COVID symptom that 80 per cent of patients exhibit, that is, loss of sense of smell. In the UK, a research team from University College London studied 590 patients. These patients lost their sense of smell. Then, 567 out of 590 patients were given Covid tests. The result of the test shows that 77.7% of those who lost their sense of smell was tested Covid positive.

The study also reveals that 40% of those tested positive never showed any symptoms of cough and cold or fever.

Rachel Batterham, MD, study leader from University College London said: “Our findings show that loss of smell and taste is a highly reliable indicator that someone is likely to have COVID-19 and if we are to reduce the spread of this pandemic, it should now be considered by governments globally as a criterion for self-isolation, testing, and contact tracing.”

Doctor in protective workwear taking nasal swab from female patient with face mask

Batterham also said that people who notice a loss in their ability to smell should self-isolate and seek PCR testing.

However, ‘Loss Of Sense Of Smell Or Taste’ is one of the crucial symptoms of Coronavirus disease.

Carl Philpott, PhD, University of East Anglia’s Norwich Medical School said: “There are altogether different things going on when it comes to smell and taste loss for COVID-19 patients, compared to those with a bad cold.”

Carl said that smell and taste tests could discriminate between COVID-19 patients and people with a regular cold or flu.

Few Of The Long-Lasting COVID Symptoms Are:

  • Fatigue ( experienced by 98.4 per cent people)
  • The tightness of the chest ( experienced by 87.1 per cent people)
  • Shortness of breath ( experienced by 85.3 per cent)
  • Headache ( experienced by 84 per cent people)
  • Body aches ( experienced by 83.5 per cent)
  • Chills or sweats ( experienced by 76.2 per cent people)
  • Gastrointestinal issues ( experienced by 74.6 per cent people)
  • Dry Cough ( experienced by 72.7 per cent people)
  • Elevated temperature ( experienced by 72.4 per cent people)
  • Sore Throat ( experienced by 69.6 per cent people)



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