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Years Later Of Michael Jackson’s Death, Wife Lisa Marie Speaks Out! Was Jackson Cruel?

Years later, the death of the Legendary Human Michael Jackson, ex-wife states some shocking facts that made the fans and people stomach churn! Lisa Marie said that Michael Jackson wanted kids. And when she said a no about it, Jackson gave her an Ultimatum. The dead actor said that If she doesn’t give him kids, then Debbie Rowe is ready to do it with him!

This Shocked all the fans over the world and people started wondering if he was cruel. Then still defending Michael, Lisa said that Michael was never a wrong person. It was just that he was successful since so early. He never heard a no from anybody else for things he wanted. He was addicted to get things his way and listening to Lisa say a no, was new for him.

 Giving an Ultimatum to his wife!

This, we all know that Their relationship was based on the fact that Michael wanted someone to look beyond his famous aura. Michael wanted someone who would see him for what he was, and it’s the truth. However, the wife of the demised divorced him after he threatened her for one of the big decisions of her life.

Lisa said that he always wanted a bay with Mr. actor, but she just wanted to be sure. She didn’t want to be in a custody battle with him for her children. It’s like she wanted to be secure enough to know and to feel yes for the child.

When Lisa filed for divorce in 1996, Michael’s ego got hurt and soon after he impregnated Debbie. Lisa always knew that the birth of Prince Michael was to get back at her because she didn’t do it. Michael the married Debbie and had another child.

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Jackson And Liza Stayed In Connection?

Yes, even after they got divorced Michael and Liza stayed connected. The ex-wife always wanted to protect him of the ‘vampire’ of people who he was surrounded with. Marie also says that Jackson and herself have gone through a lot together. Jackson never did so much with any other girl ever. Michael truly worshipped Liza it seems.

It’s downright a tragedy to how to star-crossed lovers couldn’t be together. Michael only saw Liza as one person who saw him beyond the flashlights of his life. Years after they were separated, he confessed how she was right all along.

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Marie was right about the damaging people. The star had in his life. People who just wanted to use him for their Benefits. Liza now looks back and regret That how the actor felt that someone was going to kill him and he had a feeling about it.

Sadly, that was true, and the universe lost a bright star.

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