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Miley Cyrus Yet Giving Another Jaw Dropping Entry At VMA 2020

Well, Guys don’t we all know that Miley Cyrus is known for giving both jaw dropping entries and performances. Exactly another such appearance was her at the red carpet of VMA2020. Though, Cyrus has a long history of wearing her ‘weird’ collection, 2020 look broke it all.

We all remember that nude latex bikini she wore onstage in 2013 for her performance with Robin Thicke? Or that silver Versace suspender outfit with thigh-high platform boots in 2015? That girl never really backs out, now, does she?

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As always fans started to tweet like crazy about her dress and look. million of them showed their surprise in comments and the tweets seemingly didn’t stop.

Just like that the American singer and songwriter wore a sheer see through black strapless dress, showing her toned shoulders, with embroidered sequins on it. Underneath the dress, her black bra and briefs were visible. But don’t  you forget the long gloves she wore matching with the dress. Reportedly, the dress was Mugler’s fall 2020 collection.

Her lips were painted as bold red and the ‘wrecking Ball’ singer was seen posing her signature pose-  but with her tongue out. Loree Rodkin’s Jewelry was also the part of Miley’s look- a hooped earrings and a simple choker. 27-year-old completed her look with a punk hairstyle and strappy sandals yet making her the best dressed in the event.

Miley And Her Showtime.

As the night resurfaced Miley’s performance skyrocketed the media’s and the audience’s excitement, turning heads wherever she was. Ending the performance, the stunner was seen on a glass ball celebrating her song-‘ wrecking ball’.

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It seemed as if the ‘ midnight singer’ didn’t really needed anyone else to cheer for her. She was great on her own, and with the IDGAF attitude why would she? Boss girl kept her promising of getting fans hooked- for now and for years to come!

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