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wo, mbk, kg, p2b, Yasmin Adil US Military Employee Accused In A Case Faces Ten Years Imprisonment!!Here Are The Exclusive Details About The Whole Case... - The Tech Education
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Yasmin Adil US Military Employee Accused In A Case Faces Ten Years Imprisonment!!Here Are The Exclusive Details About The Whole Case…

The whole world is gripped into the pandemic. This Covid-19 virus has taken a toll of millions of positive cases across the globe. Even, the number of deaths in the whole world due to this have soared so high that the number has reached in millions too.

And many more are still counting and talking about an incident that can be considered an immense example of foolish behaviour. The whole story starts with the lady of US military employees. This lady named Yasmin Adil from Florida is alleged to be guilty of spreading Covid-19 to many that too knowingly.

Source: google

A public prosecutor in Munich has opened up the whole matter. Adil is charged for partying in Garmisch-Partenkirchen when she went there for a vacation. She is being prosecuted not for drinking there, but for drinking before her Covid-19 test reports were out.

Adil was already having a sore throat and still, she went on to party there. A screenshot, allegedly the one having her text message sent to other friends who drank along with her, is out. This claims that Yasmin Adil sent the message to others thanking them for coming for her “Rona party”.

Source: google

And further, she claims that she didn’t know if she has tested positive for Covid-19. Adil is now facing charges for infecting at least 23 other people while keeping more than 700 at risk. Even she faces imprisonment for at least ten years for the same as a punishment.

In the latest lead, it has been spotted that Adil went on working at Edelweiss Lodge and Resort before she tested positive for the virus.

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The same Yasmin Adil is reported to have worked for the US military’s conference on preventing this coronavirus from further spreading.

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