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w, Millie Mackintosh: Revealed About Her Emotional Few Days! 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Millie Mackintosh: Revealed About Her Emotional Few Days! Check Her Baby’s Health Status

Millie Mackintosh had her baby with Hugo Taylor last month. She had her first child with him. Hugo Taylor is the fellow former Made In Chelsea.The newly made mother disclosed about her first baby’s state. The baby has hip dysplasia. The 31-year-old star even shared updates about her motherhood journey.

At this stage, it was a challenging diagnosis as Millie couldn’t cuddle or breastfeed her daughter.

The reality star went to Instagram and updated her fans. In a forthcoming post, she was cuddling with her baby Sienna. To help her joints, the baby is currently wearing a special harness.

The Suffering Baby

The baby underwent a hip scan routine of 6 weeks. Those days were too emotional for Millie. Moreover, the baby was breech from 28 weeks onwards.

Sienna’s hip socket was underdeveloped. However, there were chances of it getting sort of itself. The doctors and the Parents decided not to take any risk.

As a result, Sienna was booked for another scan. She needs to wear a special harness all the time for 6-12 weeks.

There are no severe signs of surgery If her state improves. It has a 90% chance to do so. Millie is grateful that she got to know this too early. But her main sorrow is, she can’t hold her baby or cuddle up with her.

It’s tough for Millie even to search for a better comfortable Breastfeeding position.

Furthermore, in the Instagram post, the reality star showed her concern to similar such cases happening around. She added that she would love to listen to some tales by other parents.

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