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Another Flagship Device From Xiaomi With Snapdragon 865 And 108MP Camera Unit - The Tech Education
Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro
Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro
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Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro: Another Flagship Device From Xiaomi With Snapdragon 865 And 108MP Camera Unit

We all know that Xiaomi is one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world. This Tech-giant releases many smartphones per year. These smartphones have a wide range of specifications ranging from Low-end specs to High-end Flagship Specs. The company has unveiled  Xiaomi Mi 10 series which comes with a decent price tag and premium specs. The Xiaomi Mi 10 series consists of Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro, and Mi 10 Lite. All three devices have received positive reviews and ratings. Maybe the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 10T lineup is a part of Mi 10 Series and here is the info about the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro.

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro
Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro

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Info about Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro

The device is not yet official, but the official images of the device have surfaced the internet. There are no claims about the device either, but few specifications of the device are confirmed as the images speak some specifications.

The device comes with a Hole punch display and there is no info about the display size and type of display. As the image of the device features a side-mounted fingerprint sensor. We can predict that the display is an LCD display with a higher refresh rate. The reason for this prediction is the LCD displays won’t support In-display Fingerprint sensors. This might find a bit inconvenient as all the devices under the Mi 10 series feature an OLED display.

When it comes to the chipset, the device features the flagship chipset from Snapdragon featuring Snapdragon 865G and it is 5G ready. The most exciting part about this device is its camera setup. The device comes with quad rear camera setup and the main shooter is a 108MP camera unit as it is clearly written on the camera layout. The rest of the camera units might be the Ultra-wide, Telephoto and depth sensors. There is no info about the Selfie camera unit, but it can be seen inside the hole punch of the display.

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Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro
Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro Camera Layout

These are some of the claims that are true and when it comes to the pricing, the device has appeared on Spain’s Amazon Website. We can see that the device is available in 8GB of RAM with 128GB and 256GB support. The base variant costs €640 and the higher variant costs €670.

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro
Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro on Spain’s Amazon Site

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