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Deputy Sherrif Fired For Punching Black Man in Georgia

A man and his girlfriend, reportedly travelling in an elevator when Clayton County Deputy Sheriff’s aides pulled the car for a broken taillight. A woman who claimed to be the man’s cousin said in an Instagram post. The lift driver did not have his ID, and assistants asked the passenger for his ID. He refused because he claimed of not driving, according to the post.

Source: PRI

Police told him to get out of the car, and he allegedly arrested when he refused, the post said. The Instagram message went live on Friday and said the incident happened that day. The second video, taken from across the street and posted on Instagram on Friday. Posted by user Jah.vis, shows the man in front of a black SUV and a police car with two policemen on top.

Deputy Sherriff appears to be putting his weight on the man to grab him, and another seems to be hitting him.

The Georgia Department of Public Health Vital Records office building shown in the background of the video, placed on the Phoenix Boulevard near Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta.

Source: Dezeen

The man’s girlfriend mentioned in the cousin’s Instagram post. He appears screaming and begging the police to stop, telling the man he cannot breathe. Even a child visibly stood near the scene at the beginning, even crying in panic.

The woman tells the boy to get back into the black car; he goes inside and keeps looking out of the passenger window. The person taking the video yells at the police throughout the scene to get out of that person. Given incident comes amidst the unrest that erupted across the country. A Minneapolis police officer pinned him to the ground and killed a black man named George Floyd after he knelt on his neck.

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The Clayton County Sheriff’s Office said its Home Office was investigating Friday’s video of the incident.



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