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Why Would Donald Trump Post Something As Important In Twitter? Fake Attention Or New Strategy For The Election?

Generally, Mr. Donald Trump posts any tweets and Retweets on Twitter. He is much more active in social media. In addition to this, his posts only consist of celebrity and the recent things that he has achieved. Trump sometimes posts about the normal political issues and try to convey it to the people.

The chances are few that Donald Trump might reveal some important in social media. But he did this on Wednesday.

Donald Trump ‘s Tweet

Trump tweeted by saying that: Industries of Don Jones has just closed recently above 29,000. He then goes by saying that all the people should feel lucky to have him as a president. He also mentioned that if he would have worked with Joe Biden then it could have crashed.

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Why The Previous Presidents Were Much Better Than Trump

This post is quite surprising. However, if we try to compare this statement with previous presidents, only we will able to know how self-centered Trump is. How could a president of such a big nation says that people should be thankful to him?.

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The only reason could be because the previous presidents believed that the work of the president is to serve his people and take the honor. The president should collect all these trusts and put them into good use. Trump’s Tweet gives another perspective of himself.

President Trump thinks of himself as if he is the only one who takes the darkness away from the people. He sees himself as though he is doing a favor while being the president of the country. Every time Trump would say “That is not my supposition”.

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Trump Posted About RNO Ben Sasse

Recently he posted a Tweet this last month which said that “RNO Ben Sasse, came to him for the help and asked for the support to get the nomination on the Republican for the state of Nebraska. Trump is the man who always seeks appreciation in everything that he does.

He presents himself as he is a great man and in return, he expects from the people to recognize his sacrifices that he has done to make the country better for the people.

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