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Microsoft: Russian Hackers Are A Threat To US Political Campaigns, But How And Why?

In 2016 democrats and their computer system of political parties were hacked. This was done by military intelligence.

Source microsoft

It is predicted that the same military intelligence from Russia who hacked the democrats in 2016 will do the same in the 2020 elections. Microsoft gives this statement on Thursday.

They target more than 200 organisations. Their list includes political parties, consultants, US political campaigns and groups as well. Microsoft claimed this.

Source microsoft

Tom Burt is the vice president of Microsoft. According to him, they have a standard way of targeting since 2016. The first attack the candidates and campaign staffers. And then they attack the consultants.


Microsoft security software filters the atoms which were made by Chinese, Iranian and Russian agents. The typical target is notified for its security and safety.

However, according to Microsoft, Russian are a threat to the USA’s cybersecurity. In 2016 also they helped Donald Trump’s chances of winning the 2016 Presidential elections.

Source microsoft

According to the director of intelligence analysis at the cybersecurity firm FireEye, the military intelligence of Russia has been a constant Threat. The democratic process is at stake.

However, for Trump, this interference has become an incredible frustration.

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