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Trouble Other Team In IPL Sandeep lamichanne 's Bowling Pace May Trouble Other Team In IPL
Sandeep lamichanne
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Sandeep lamichanne ‘s Bowling Pace May Trouble Other Team In IPL

Sandeep Lamichhane is young blood from Nepal and has made a quite an entry in T20 Leagues. Although, he is famous for his Loopy Leg-Break bowling style and he delivers a unique spin attack. Delhi Capital hired him for his talents, and now he has joined with Ravichandran Ashwin, Axar Patel and Amit Mishra.

However, as per the reports from the previous matches, there has been unexpected styles of quality improvement on Sandeep. He has already grabbed much attention from his recent game but its entirely unexpected from a 20 years old boy.

Delhi Capitals Posted A Video And Revealed Sandeep lamichanne ‘s Bowling Skills.

Delhi Capitals have recently posted a video in which Sandeep showed his bowling skills in nets. The team captioned by saying that there’s a lot to happen in the parallel universe of DC. Sandeep wrote on his timeline story that his bowling speed was 140km/h.

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Was Prithvi Shaw Better Than Sandeep lamichanne

The team also posted a video about Prithvi Shaw where he tried to do leg-spin. Another two players from South African who are currently playing for Delhi Capitals, did their leg-breaks technique in the video.

Delhi Capitals had a great start in the opening of the season by defeating Kings XI Punjab. The match was intense and ended with super over with a unique catch.

Delhi Capital Teammates Playoff

As of the performance of the team, Marcus Stonis from DC scored almost half-century. He dotted all three balls at the end of KXIP’s innings. He also took two wickets to stop the rising, temperature in the match.

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Raba was highlighted for his performance in Super Over, and he knocked out KL Rahul and Nicholas Pooran with a strong delivery. There’s much to come throughout the season, But Delhi Capitals may give a tough competition to the existing team.

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