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Why The Charges Against Curtis Flowers Is Taken Off? Are The Evidence Against Him Weak?

The Lawyer from the Mississippi has finally decided to dump the case. The Charges against Curtis Flowers, who is Black in appearance and tried six times the same crime by a white prosecutor. This withdrawal of this case grabbed much attention from the country.

This case was actually concerning the people last year as it went through the US supreme court and later it became the subject of ‘IN THE DARK’.

Curtis Flower’s Case

Mr. Curtis murdered four people in total. He did this act on a furniture store, located in Winona in 1996. In respect to this, Curtis has maintained his behavior fro almost two decades now. The case had many trials and its recorded in the history of the U.S.

Flower said on Friday in an interview that he is now free from all the injustice and from the place where he was locked up for about 23 years. He then goes by saying that a few people asked him whether this day would come or not.

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Mistrials And Misconduct Of The Prosecutor In Curtis Flowers Case

Doug Evans from Fifth Circuit attorney said that he tried to present the evidence and consider flowers as guilty. But he failed in many ways and couldn’t able to make convictions sticks. Flower’s two cases were taken in hung juries and his Four convictions were overturned because of the misconduct of the evidence in the higher court.

During the month of December 2019, Curtis was allowed to visit his own family. It was almost two decades since he met his family. He was also being prepared hor his 7th trial.

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Why The Charges Against Curtis Withdrawn?

An attorney filed a statement on this past Friday to drop the case of Curtis. There was no strong proof or any evidence against Curtis. During the trial, the jury said that the people who stood and gave their testimony against the flowers are now dead. They also conflicting statements during the trials.

The only person who testified against flowers and also gave evidence of guilt said that he was lying when Curtis gave his statement by saying that he made a jailhouse confession.

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