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Chris Stapleton Said On Behalf Of Black Lives Matter That “It’s Time For Him To Listen Now”

Chris Stapleton has now become more concerned about Black lives matter protests. Although the protests have come so far now and have become the most important act in American history. In an interview with CBS, Stapleton said that he imagined that they were living in a different country. He then says now it has become real.

Chris Views On Black Lives Matter Protests

Chris then goes by saying that he feels like the country on which they were living was actually a myth. He said in the interview that he supports the movement without having any doubt.

Chris then says by asking himself a question that ‘does it really matters to him about the black lives matter?’ he answered absolutely. He then continues to say why any people would think that it doesn’t matter.

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Chris has recently launched his new track name “Starting Over”. He tells to all the American people to think and listen more about the root cause of the systematic racism.

Stapleton says that everyone has a lot of duties and work to do, whether its an individual or a whole community. If there are some people who don’t think of this then they are not looking at the big picture said, Chris.

┬áStapleton’s Album

Chris will soon release another addition to his track called “Starting Over” on November 13. The track will be included with a meditation category on a tragic event, 2017 mass shooting music festival which took place in Las Vegas, which is called “Watch You Burn”.

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Chris’s Quarantine

Chris spent his quarantine with his family. He has a wife named Morgane and five children in total. Chris’s wife Morgane gave him a mountain bike which he uses the whole day riding on it.

He said in an interview that there are some good days and bad days as well. But if anyone who disagrees with it and says that they haven’t reached a breaking point in this quarantine then they are probably lying. Chris Stapleton was recently nominated as a male vocalist of the year and Music video of the year for the song named “Second One To Know”.


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