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Captain Of Delhi Capital Was Charged Rs.12 Lakhs After Match Against SRH? - The Tech Education
Shreyas Iyer
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Why ‘Shreyas Iyer’ The Captain Of Delhi Capital Was Charged Rs.12 Lakhs After Match Against SRH?

After defeated by SRH, The IPL has issued an official order to make an Rs. 12 lakh amount of charge against Shreyas Iyer. However, this happened when Delhi Capitals lost their winning streak against Sunrisers Hyderabad. Delhi Capitals won almost two matches from the start, but later SRH defeated them on the recent game.

Why IPL Charged Shreyas Iyer For Rs. 12 Laks After Getting Defeated By Sunrisers Hyderabad?

The IPL has charged Shreyas for his slow over-rate which happened the same with RCB’s Captain Virat Kohli. Even Virat has to bear the same amount as Shreyas for performing slow over-rate. The Delhi Capitals took almost an hour to complete their 12 overs. Therefore its Captain has to bear all the mandatory charges.

The team Delhi did not complete the full quota of 20 overs within the given time. The reports revealed that they took almost 20 mins more to finish their innings in their previous match fully. It became Delhi Capital’s first offence to perform slow over-rate during the IPL 2020. With this, Shreyas has the take the responsibility to pay a certain amount.

The IPL officials said during an interview that, It was team’s first offence and it came under the IPL’s code. They then said that Delhi Capitals conducted slow over-rate offence. Therefore Mr Iyer was fined for Rs 12 lakhs.

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Sunrisers Hyderabad Vs Delhi Capitals

Due to third loss, Delhi Capitals have fallen to second place in the scoreboard. As per the schedule, they will have their next match with Kolkata Knight Riders on 3rd October.

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As a matter of facts, Delhi Capitals first loss became Sunrisers first win during the IPL 2020. During the match, Hyderabad scored almost 162 runs with four wickets. The Captain of the team and his fellow teammate had a fantastic start with 77 runs.

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