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Why is IT Outsourcing to Eastern Europe worth your attention?

Choosing the right team is one of the most critical steps when you are running a business and the most challenging at the same time. Especially if you are a startup and you don’t need to build an in-house team – outsourcing will work for you.

More than 72% of companies have chosen to outsource to grow their business and surround themselves with driven and motivated developers. But where is the best place to outsource? This article will provide new insights about outsourcing in Eastern Europe and why it is the best place to hire your team.

Why choose Eastern Europe software outsourcing for your business?

Eastern Europe is considered as one of the most vibrant software development destinations due to its fast IT sector growth and development and a high level of digital technology adoption. No matter if you’re a large-scale enterprise or a startup company, the digital world prompted you to look for IT solutions that will help your business expand. This said, an increasing number of companies find it more beneficial to go beyond their native country and seek an outsourcing partner. This article will give you more insights and benefits of outsourcing in Eastern Europe and why this region is a choice for many big companies.

According to Eurostat Eastern Europe counts more than 1.7 million qualified IT specialists working for leading tech companies or freelance, and more than 2,500 software development outsourcing companies.

Eastern Europe software outsourcing is among the top contributors to the countries’ export which means that many specifically specialize solely in outsourcing services. To be a leader and the tech center worldwide, companies hire the best professionals and help them grow significantly. So why Eastern Europe is a preferable region to outsource and what benefit can you get from it?

Benefits of Eastern Europe software outsourcing

  • Great tech talent pool

Top countries that have a huge number of software developers are Ukraine, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Bulgaria. Poland has the biggest number of software engineers in Eastern Europe. Ukraine ranked 2nd place as the largest country with a lot of developers, with more than 85% of them working for IT outsourcing and outstaffing companies. Countries like Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria are the biggest IT hubs in Estern Europe with a strong and friendly startup ecosystem.

  • Convenient time-zone and geographical location

It is easy to always be in touch with your remote team if you outsource to Eastern Europe. Moreover, you can plan visiting your team whenever it is needed because of convenient geographical location. From Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria it takes 2-3 hours to fly to the majority of Western European countries and 10-11 hours to get to New York.

  • Cultural similarity

Outsourcing Eastern Europe provides you not only with highly-skilled professionals but with individuals who have the same point of view and values. Eastern European developers and familiar with Western and US software development market you can be sure it will be a perfect “match”

  • Competitive technical education

Eastern Europe is famous for its high-quality technical education. Proper education means that Eastern European developers have better understanding of Computer Science, Software Engineering, and related technical fields and possess specific knowledge in the needed areas.

  • Lower labor cost

Compared to Western European market and the US tech market, rates and salaries of Eastern European software engineers are much lower. This factor is caused by the economical situation of the country, cost of living, taxes, etc. That means businesses who choose outsourcing to Eastern Europe will get the whole team of professionals without breaking the budget.


  • English proficiency

Most Eastern European countries including Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria,Kazakhstan and Romania, have moderate to high English proficiency levels. Moreover the level of English among software engineers in Europe is usually higher than the country’s average. For example, more than 80% of software developers in Ukraine have an Intermediate level of English, while language proficiency among the top software companies can reach Upper-Intermediate or Advanced levels.

Wrapping Up

As we can see, Eastern Europe is a region with high literacy rates, location and time zone benefits, a large talent pool, and fluency in multiple languages. Outsourcing software development there provides many advantages.

IT outsourcing Eastern Europe provides access to a global tech talent pool, cooperates with unique or rare technical expertise, and expands your development capabilities without having to go over your budget. The region has a large number of IT experts and vendors alike, an established reputation, and a favorable business climate.

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