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Set To Play At No. Six In KKR? The Fans Are Baffling With This Decision - Why Eoin Morgan Is Set To Play At No. Six In KKR? The Fans Are Baffling With This Decision
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Why Eoin Morgan Is Set To Play At No. Six In KKR? The Fans Are Baffling With This Decision

Eoin Morgan is assigned to play at number 4, but the fans are confused with the decision. Why would Kolkata Knight Riders set him at the fourth place? It’s not clear yet. However, the decision is quite baffling for the Kolkata Knight Riders.

Why Kolkata Knight Riders Demoted Eoin Morgan In The Lineup?

KKR has really performed exceptionally well from the beginning of the tournament. They have managed to score almost more than 200 scores in few matches. So, the decision to set back the best T20 batsmen does not seem right.

During the recent match, Kolkata Knight Riders lost the match with 18 runs. Morgan, on the other side backend his teammates with his batting skills. The most excellent skipper from England scored 44 runs within 18 balls. He blasted one four and five sixes before he was down in the 19th over.

In the absence of Morgan, Kolkata Knight Riders somehow managed to score 210 with eight wickets. Although they lost the match and this became their second defeat during the ongoing season.

As a matter of facts, Morgan is not so disappointed with the decision even if it concerns many people. During the press conference the England captain said that after Andre Russel promotion, others had to shift down.

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What Did Morgan Say During The Press Conference?

In response to the question of whether he should come early or not, his answer was pretty unusual. He said that he doesn’t think so and looking at the batting lineup of the team there are many winners.

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He also said that its challenging to get in form when you already have class batsman like Andre Russel. Morgan said that Russel is an amazing striker of the ball. He also said that whenever Russel comes up in the lineup, other starts to shift down.

As per the recent reports from the previous match, promoting Russel did not show any good results. However, he scores only 13 runs during his last match.


Even captain Dinesh Karthik didn’t show the expected results when he came into play at number five.

During the hectic situation, Eoin Morgan and his teammate Rahil Tripathi came in to revive KKR’s hope.

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