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Why Did The Lawyer Of Accused Kenosha Shooter Resign From Defence Fund? - The Tech Education
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Why Did The Lawyer Of Accused Kenosha Shooter Resign From Defence Fund?

This is very shocking news for millions of people. The inappropriate information comes with, the lawyer who was representing a 17-year-old charged has resigned.

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A 17-year-old was charged which shooting three people. This shooting happened at a protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The same lawyer who was in charge with this case has resigned from his position and defence fund as well. He was given nearly more than $700,000 to defend his client.

Why Did He Resign?

Meanwhile, Attorney John Pierce is in charge to protect Kyle Rittenhouse. Kyle Rittenhouse has the amount of shooting two people to death.

Additionally, he has injured a third person as well. Jacob Blake was shot by police and is now hospitalised. However, his condition is quite critical. He has been paralysed from his West till his toe.

According to Pierce, he has resigned from #FightBack Foundation fund as well.

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The main motive of the fund is to raise money to protect and defend Rittenhouse. They want to avoid all sorts of conflicts.

According to the documents presented at the court, Pierce and his firm have been accused of playing with millions of dollars.

According to a statement given by the lawyer at the New York court, he was not capable of paying Karish Kapital the advance cash.

However, he had to pay $4 million but he couldn’t.

Also, Pierce and Lin Wood are known for taking for high profile cases.

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