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Why Did Jena And Jason Break Up: Everything You Need To Know

Whether you like Swall-la-la or Tiktok, you might have been surprised and saddened to hear that Jena Frumes and Jason Derulo broke up only four months after their son was born. The couple danced their way into our hearts while they were in quarantine. They looked not only like the perfect couple in a picture but also like the perfect couple in real life. The couple was not only very attractive, but they also seemed like they were a lot of fun, and especially fun together.

Their relationship was often talked about on both of their social media accounts, making it clear that they were connected. But even so, they broke up. Derulo is still using Tiktok, and it’s clear that he spends a lot of time with his dog, Ice. A pet who was famous for a short time because he or she was so cute. But fans are left wondering what Jena Frumes is up to now that the band has broken up.

Who Was Jena Frumes Before Jason Derulo?

Jena Frumes had a good deal of success before she met Jason Derulo. His fame helped her become well-known, but she also had a big following on Instagram and did well with modeling and social media. Both Frumes and Derulo became famous on Tiktok, which makes sense given that she is used to social media and he is used to music.

Jason Derulo wasn’t the first famous person Jena Frumes went out with. She dated Jesse Lingard, a football player for Manchester United. Jena has 4.6 million Instagram followers at the moment. Frumes has a clear knack for marketing since all of her social media accounts are so popular. Frames are funny, gorgeous, and smart about the things she posts. Before they broke up, her relationship with Derulo wasn’t just about love; from a marketing point of view, they were also a good match.

The Truth About Why Jason Derulo And Jena Frumes Broke Up

The breakup was shocking for more than just the child. If you followed either of them on social media, especially Frumes, you might have thought everything was fine because the couple seemed so happy together.

Frumes put up pictures of the couple and talked about how much they loved each other and how long they would love each other. Derulo’s Instagram was still full of mushy posts about Frumes until he went public with the news that they had broken up.

Derulo was in charge of the story of their breakup. He said that they had to go their separate ways so that they could be the best versions of themselves. The way he talked about the breakup made it sound like it was mutual and completely friendly.

The two still seem to be friendly and involved in each other’s lives because they have a child together, but some fans think there was more to their breakup. Many people have said that Derulo cheated on Frumes more than once while they were together and that this led to their breakup. Frumes has talked to some of the content creators who say that Derulo cheats on his girlfriends.

How Jena Frumes And Jason Derulo Are Taking Care Of Their Child Together

It’s been hard to figure out exactly what happened during the breakup and how Frumes felt about it. Between different stories about why they broke up, unproven claims of cheating, and Frumes’s own cryptic Tiktoks, the end of their relationship and how they feel about each other are still unclear. Obviously, the couple has tried to stay on good terms, and they are still in each other’s lives because they have a new baby, Jason King.

There’s no doubt that the two of them spent at least some of Christmas together. Jena, Jason King, and Ice all wore matching holiday pyjamas, and Derulo bought his son a lot of gifts. Overall, it seems like Derulo and Frumes are very involved in each other’s lives, especially Jason King’s.

How Jena Frumes Revealed Her Relationship On Social Media

Frumes has kept up with her social media, and her Instagram grid is full of cute pictures of her and Jason King, who often wear outfits that match. Jena has also put content on her TikTok and Instagram accounts about being a mom.

She jokes about how sad she is that her son didn’t say “mama” as his first word. The fact that she and Derulo got back together for matching Halloween costumes with their son showed how well they got along after they broke up. All three members of the family dressed up as Superman and took cute family photos and videos together. This shows that Derulo and Frumes can put their differences aside and still enjoy spending time with their children as a family.

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