Why Customized Gifts Are the Best Gifts for All Occasions

Usually, when you present a gift to a person, you try to find something meaningful. This is because you want your gift to be appreciated and something the person wants to keep for life. And the gift should be suitable for the occasion.

When you give a customized gift to someone, it is always appreciated. A personalized gift tells the receiver that you care and have taken the time to get a special gift. The best type of personalized gift has always been an original and unique painting.

In this article, we’ll discuss some guidelines which you can use to find just the right personalized painting to be presented as a gift to a special person on a special occasion.

A Customized Painting is Special

There are various types of customized paintings. The better you know the person you want to present the special gift to, the better you will be able to choose the right type of personalized painting. Giving a customized painting as a gift gives you much more than just the “picture”. Any painting reflects much more – it reflects a feeling. And it is this feeling that a person will appreciate and remember.

A customized painting gift will be a painting for life – the gift’s receiver will always treasure it. You can even start a trend by presenting the person from time to time with more customized paintings enabling your friend to have more paintings for life to remember special occasions by.

Where “normal” gifts are usually either used and then forgotten or stored away very soon, your customized gift will, in most instances, be hung on your friend’s wall or placed in a prominent place where the gift will be appreciated over and over again.

Whom to Commission for the Paint your Life Uniquely Project

Now that you are convinced that customized paintings are the best gifts for all occasions, you might wonder what you have to do to acquire such a painting. In principle, there are two aspects to attend to. Firstly, you have to determine who you are going to commission to create the painting, and secondly, you will have to provide the artist’s photo material.

The best way to find an artist who can create photos to portrait paintings is to contact a reputable online art gallery or studio offering this service and order your painting from them. These galleries or studios use reputable and skilled artists, and you are guaranteed a beautiful, uniquely, and professionally painted portrait.

You must have photos – preferably digital – of the person(s) and other objects you want in the painting. So, you need an artist known for making custom paintings from photos. Remember, if you want to give someone an original custom-painted portrait, the artist must not only convert photos to paintings with a “Photoshopping” procedure but must create a unique and original painted portrait by using the photo only as the “model”.

Subjects for Memorable Paintings for Life

By choosing the subjects of your personalized gifts carefully, the receivers of the gifts will have memorable paintings for life. As mentioned above, the better you know the person you want to give the gift to, the better you will be able to determine the subject of the painting.

Some people will appreciate paintings depicting themselves. They use painted portraits of themselves to “capture” their images during the stages of their lives. Your gift to such a person will add to their “paint your life” project.

Other people will love to receive a personalized painting with both of you. If your gift depicts, for instance, you and your friend standing in a field full of tulips, the painting not only paints your lives colorfully but will always remind your friend of joyful times together.

A customized painting also allows you to paint your life creatively. For example, perhaps your friend has the vision to one day live in a luxurious apartment next to the Mediterranean Sea. He or she will appreciate a customized painting depicting him or her in such a place.

Occasions fit for Personalized Paintings

A customized gift such as a painting can be presented to a friend or family member on any occasion, and it will form part of the person’s unique paintings for life. The portrait can, for example, depicts a special occasion such as a 21st birthday, wedding anniversary, or graduation day. The painting will always remind the person of the special occasion.

You can even use a customized painting to convey the message that you want to be part of this person’s life more permanently by commissioning a painting of, for instance, a moment with good memories like a picnic in the park.

Such a gift will come across as compassionate and romantic. It can be the beginning of a long relationship and the first of many more precious paintings for the life of you two together.

Tips to Make the Process Easy

Contact the studio you’ve decided to use and discuss the details regarding the painting you want with them. Some studios will allow you to contact the specific artist direct, while others will request that you always contact their customer service section. You can use the following checklist with your first contact, although good studios have well-designed order forms requesting all the information they need.

  • Discuss what “feeling” must the conveyed by the painting.
  • Indicate the basic composition you want in the painting.
  • Arrange whether you need only the painted canvas or whether it must be provided to you as a framed painting.
  • Indicate what medium must be used – for instance, oil, watercolor, or pencil
  • Decide on the size of the canvas.

The studio will typically create a digital mock-up and send it to you for approval. After you approve the final mock-up, the artist will create the painting.


In general, customized gifts are appreciated by the receivers of the gifts. A customized painting is probably the best gift you’ll ever give someone. We hope the ideas and tips we’ve provided in this article will entice you to consider customized paintings as gifts for your friends and family.

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