Who Is Lautaro Martinez Wife? Does He Have Children?

Lautaro Martnez was born on August 22, 1997, in Argentina. He is a professional football player. Nowadays, people are asking who Agustina Gandolfo Is? Is She Mr. Martinez’s wife? – In this article, we learn about his wife, how they met, and his children. But before we do that, let’s talk about his football career for a bit.

Do You Know Who Is Lautaro Martínez?

Lautaro Martinez

Lautaro Martínez plays as an attacker or striker for Football Club Internazionale Milano in the Italian Serie A and for the Argentina Senior national team.

Martinez began playing soccer at a young age in his home country of Argentina, with Racing Club, in 2015. Because of how hard he worked, how fast he was, and how well he finished, he caught the attention of coaches and scouts from all over the world. After playing 60 games and scoring 28 goals, he joined Inter Milan, one of the top teams in Serie A, in 2018.

During the 2017 FIFA U-20 World Cup, he was called up for international duty with the youth team. The following year, he joined the senior team. He was on the team that won the Copa America in 2021 and came in third in 2019.

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Who Is Lautaro Martinez’s Wife?

Lautaro Martinez's Wife

Augustina Gandolfo, a beautiful Argentine model and TV personality, is married to Laura Martinez. Lautaro Martinez was with her before he joined Milan, which is one of the biggest teams in Italy, in 2018.

All The Information You Need About Agustina Gandolfo!

Agustina Gandolfo is a famous Instagram model who has a lot of followers. She also has a lot of people following her on social media. She has also played volleyball with teams in her area in the past.

How Lautaro Martinez And Augustina Gandolfo Met?

They met through a mutual friend at their get-together. They were attending a party and got a chance to meet due to their familiar friend.

They introduced each other and started communicating. Since that day, they have been seen together with each other.

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Does Lautaro Martinez Have Children?

Lautaro Martinez Children

Yes, Nina is their daughter. She was born to Lautaro Martinez and Agustina Gandolfo.

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