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Is Going To Pay For It ?" NYC Nurse Derek Smith Shares The Last Words Of A Covid - 19 Patient ! - The Tech Education
Source : dailymail.co.uk
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” Who Is Going To Pay For It ?” NYC Nurse Derek Smith Shares The Last Words Of A Covid – 19 Patient !

Derek Smith is not a stranger to this deadly coronavirus and losing life to this virus. But now, the pandemic had pushes him into a completely different situation. Smith is currently treating the Covid – 19 patients in the hospital of NYC, reveals the horrifying last words of a person who is about to be placed on the ventilator. 

“Who’s going to pay for it?” the covid-19 patients asked. questions to Derek Smith. “They are the last words I’ll never forget,” Smith told CNN. ” The patient is in severe respiratory stress, and has difficulty in the telling, and yet still his main concern is who could pay for a procedure .”

It is the known fact that patient is likely to be recover after he got intubated, Smith and the colleagues call out the man’s wife to give them what they may have of their last chance to say goodbye. Most Covid-19 patients will die after got on to ventilators, with the mortality rate reaching up to 80% in intubated coronavirus patients, Smith says. But he does not know whether his patient has survived, he says it is “pretty unlikely.

“I am unfortunate and honestly, a little terrified. This demonstrate that we have a profound failure when one has to worry about their money when they’re dealing with such huge issues that have to do with life and death.” Smith says 

It is one of the worst things he had witnessed in his experience of 12 years. 

And anaesthesia and says the moment shed light on a health care system that he says and is still failing its people.

Derek Smith
Source : dailymail.co.uk


Derek didn’t have any answers to the question and diverted his mind to talk to his wife for the last time. “The pandemic has highlights a lot of structural inadequacies in our country USA, not only the response to the pandemic itself but also our approach to health care coverage,” Derek says ” 

About 28 million non-elderly Americans, or 10.4%, were uninsured in 2018, according to the current Census Bureau data provided. 

“Addressing Covid-19 with 10 million people without health insurance or with inadequate insurance. Will be a uniquely American challenge among developed countries”. Larry Levitt, executive vice president for health policy tweets. “It will take finances to treat people and address uncompensated care absorbed by providers.”

They are concerned about the expenses many people getting checks out if they feel ill.

For now-unemployed US people’s who get their health insurance benefits from their jobs, this is another major crisis.

 About 16.8 million American employees, making up about 11% of the American labour force, have initial claims for unemployment privileges in just the three weeks. ” This can only get bad if we don’t improve access to health care,” Derek says.

“As a result, many job losses related to the pandemic, the uninsured population will only increase. And it  will remain a challenge for those who do retain private health insurance. The last analysis I saw projected up to a 40% increase in insurance premiums by next year. So that’s going to be an even bigger burden we need to talk about.”

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