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cv, d, Former Golfer Paige Spinarac Finds Baseball Team Padres' Uniform Terrible, Gets Involved In A Twitter War - The Tech Education
Paige Spinarac
Source: Getty Images
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Former Golfer Paige Spinarac Finds Baseball Team Padres’ Uniform Terrible, Gets Involved In A Twitter War

Former Golfer Paige Spinarac has drawn a controversy recently. And it all started when she criticized the baseball team San Diego Padres.

Paige Spinarac Finds Padres Uniforms Terrible

Spinarac who has turned into a full time social media influencer now has picked up some controversy. As she has always been vocal about her likes and dislikes there she revealed her dislike for a certain baseball team on social media.

Paige Spinarac
Source: Instagram

And the team is none other than San Diego Padres. In a twitter post she wrote that she really hates the uniform of the team and also termed it as terrible and gross. But she later clarified that the other uniforms which they previously wore was fine.

But she disliked the brown pinstriped uniform which the worse during Tuesday’s match. Her comment irked the padres fans and therefore a twitter war erupted! The fans started abusing her in the comment section. Many called her useless and jobless who knows nothing except criticizing others.

Later on Paige posted another tweet where she call Padres fans scare. And promised that they will not comment anything about the team anymore.

Her Career

Spinarac began her career as a professional golfer in 2015. As she won her very first gold match during the cactus tour at the Scottsdale Orange Tree Country Club.

She has played for University pf Arizona and San Diego State University and her won several accolades for her amazing skills. But later on she turned to become a full time social media influencer. Apart from that she is also associated with anti-bullying campaign where she raises are voice against body shaming.

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Paige Spinarac
Source: Instagram

And encourages every women to be proud of who she is. Although Spinarac has also been subjected to several controversies. Because many people accused her of using golf as a medium to gain social media followers. Many argued that she has no contribution to the game. Because all she needs is fan following.

But these accusations never bothered her and she continued to slay on social media. As an influencer she talks about her experiences with cyber bullying and encourages everyone to raise their voices.

Paige Spinarac On Quitting Golf

The former golf in an interview has stated that she won’t play professionally anymore. But she said that she will always continue to a part of it. Therefore she is always seen promoting the game.

Paige Spinarac
Source: AP

And also endorses for products associated with gold. Although she has never revealed the exact reason on quitting golf but people speculate that it is because social media earns her more fame than golf.

And maybe it is true to some extent. Because people know her more as a social media golf star rather than a professional golfer and this clarifies everything. As for the personal life she is happily married to former baseball player Steven Tinoco and are have completed two years of marital bliss.

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