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Who Is Cole Swindell Dating? Meet His Girlfriend Courtney Little? 

Cole Swindell and his girlfriend, Courtney Little have been together in public for over a year. And, even though she didn’t have him at head Carolina, she and he do have an interesting and sweet love story.

In a previous interview on The Bobby Bones Show, the country music star talked about how he met the love of his life. He told host Bobby Bones that he and Little, a former NBA dancer for the Charlotte Hornets and 2017 Miss Teen North Carolina, met at a NASCAR event. They exchanged numbers, but they didn’t go after each other the right way.

Instead, they became long-distance friends who talked and saw each other occasionally. Little did, however, occasionally show up on Swindell’s Instagram, but their love didn’t really grow until they went on an unusual first date.

“We met a few years ago, to be exact. I’m a big NASCAR fan, and she works for Monster. We met, exchanged phone numbers, and have stayed in touch over the years. But it was never more than friends, and he only saw her here and there. “The video kind of changed everything,” Swindell told Bones.

What is that? The music video for “Some Habits,” Swindell’s love song from 2021. Sparks started to fly between them when Swindell was looking for someone to start with him in that video clip. It turned out that Swindell had already liked Little, but he had never had a chance to ask her out. When he found out that he could choose who would play his made-up love interest in the video, he thought of Little right away.

“We had been texting each other a lot and staying in touch. About two nights before the video shoot, I reached out and said, ‘I think I should have a say in who’s in the video, right?’ So, my management sent me a list of the people who could be in it. I asked, “Can I put in whoever I want?” “They said, ‘Sure.'” Swindell added that he took a chance when he asked Little to be in the video with him.

She agreed.

“So,” Swindell said, “I flew her in and put her in the video.”

On set, Swindell and Little, who are part owner of an online clothing store called The Little Sisters Boutique, got along well. But as they got to know each other while filming, that chemistry ended up spilling over into their real lives.

Swindell said, “That was kind of like our first date.” “And now, things are going well. I’m glad, and it’s pretty cool.” Later, Swindell confirmed that he was dating Little on social media. He wrote “#gamedate” next to a picture of the two of them sitting together at an MLB game and added the hashtag.

Little has been in other videos with Swindell since they started dating, like “She Had Me at Heads Carolina,” which is a tribute to the original Jo Dee Messina song. She also gave him ideas for a few songs on his Stereotype album, like “Miss Wherever,” which is about Little’s participation in beauty pageants.

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