Who Is Bre Tiesi Dating? All About Her Relationship Timeline!

Are you curious as to who Bre Tiesi is dating? Bre Tiesi, a popular social media personality, has a stunning 500,000 Instagram followers. Additionally, she maintains a website where she shares training videos and shares a couple of her unique vegan recipes. 

She has worked with several high-profile companies, including Ciroc, Revolve, and Ethika. Bre has also appeared in a couple of Wild’ N Out episodes. Additionally, the media celebrity enjoys traveling and has visited countries all over the globe.

Bre gained more media attention with the breakdown of her marriage to NFL star Johnny Manziel, followed by a public post-split drama. Tiesi’s friends even gave her a divorce party to celebrate Bre’s best wishes for her ex-husband. 

However, the social media star became embroiled in a little altercation, during which a short blame game ensued. 

The social media celebrity and fitness blogger is expecting her first kid and just had a gender reveal party with the child’s father, Nick Cannon. Let us examine all the nuances and lesser-known facts concerning Bre Tiesi’s relationship.

Who Is Bre Tiesi Dating?

While Bre Tiesi is expecting her first child with Nick Cannon, she previously married NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel. The two began dating in 2016 and became engaged the following year! 

The couple married in 2018. However, the couple’s marital joy was short-lived as they filed for divorce in 2019.

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Bre later implied that Johnny had broken his marital vows. She also revealed how he continued to be in other women’s direct messages and how she stopped accepting his apologies. Bre also discussed the option of ceasing to suffer. 

Despite their continuous dispute, the pair previously parted amicably. The former NFL quarterback even credited Tiesi for assisting him at a trying period in his life. 

Even Bre stated that the two are amicable and have no quarrel. However, the social media celebrity did make a few strange remarks after her divorce on social media.

Nick Cannon and Bre Tiesi Host Gender Reveal Party!

Congratulations to Bre Tiesi and Nick Cannon on their impending arrival. The prominent television personality and his wife, Bre, had an intimate gender reveal party with a few close friends to share the joy. 

Bre was shining as the party venue was filled with pink and blue balloons in honor of their would-be mother. Consider the amusing video clip.

Bre was all smiles as she wore a white bodycon dress to the ceremony, as did her would-be father, Nick Cannon. The two seemed to have color-coordinated their attire for the occasion, as they were dressed entirely in white. 

Additionally, Nick Cannon wore a white sweater, trousers, and shoes. According to the images circulating, people noticed the fluttering blue confetti, implying Bre is expecting a boy. 

Bre also turned to social media to share a poignant message about how excited she and Nick welcome the baby.

Nick Cannon Addresses Tiesi’s Pregnancy

Nick Cannon discusses Tiesi’s pregnancy on his talk program, saying he was aware of it for some time, even before Zen’s death last month. 

While addressing the terrible news of Zen’s death, the presenter noted how he wanted to honor Alyssa’s grief process and that Bre was sufficiently respectful of the circumstance.

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Not only that, but she also avoided making pregnancy announcements and chatting about it on social media. He stated that Bre is a quiet person who keeps her affairs out of the public eye. 

While these events occurred unexpectedly, Cannon claimed that he found himself in a bind and unsure of what to do.

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