Who Is Barbara Walters’s Husband? How Many Times Was Barbara Walters Married?

Barbara Jill Walters was an American journalist and TV host who was born on September 25, 1929 and died on December 30, 2022.  Walters was a host on many TV shows, including Today, ABC Evening News, 20/20, and The View. She was known for her skill at interviews and popularity with viewers. Walters worked as a journalist from 1951 until 2015 when she stopped. In this article, we talk about her married life.

How Many Times Was Barbara Walters Married?

Barbara Walters was married four times, but she had three husbands. Here’s how that happened and what else you should know about her ex-husbands after she died.

Robert Henry Katz

Robert henry katz

Walters’s first husband was a business executive named Robert Henry Katz. He had been a lieutenant in the Navy. Hollywood Life says that Walters and Katz got married on June 20, 1955, at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. It was a very fancy event. Even though Katz had a good life, Walters was only 26 when she married him. At the time, she was struggling as a journalist and her life was not going well.

Unfortunately, their rocky marriage didn’t last long. In 1957, they filed for divorce, and in 1958, the court ruled that they were never married. Walters said in her book “Audition: A Memoir” that she was sorry about her relationship with Katz even before she got married. She said that he was rich and nice to her, but she also said that he was hard to talk to and that they had nothing in common.

Lee Guber

Barbara Walters And Lee Guber

Walters went to Lee Guber on his second trip down the aisle. He is said to have been much more successful than Walters’ first husband. He worked in the entertainment business as a theatre owner and producer. At the same time, Walter was just starting out at NBC’s “The Today Show.” Walters and Guber got married on December 8, 1963, and they planned to have children. Soon, Walters and Guber had trouble having a child on their own, but they didn’t give up and looked into adoption.

Soon after that, in 1968, they took in a baby girl named Jacqueline Dena Guber. But Walters and Guber decided to end their marriage after 13 years of being together. In 1976, when their daughter was only eight years old, they split up. Also, Guber died in 1988 at the age of 67 from brain cancer.

Merv Adelson

Barbara Walters And Merv Adelson

Merv Adelson was a real estate developer and the CEO of Lorimar Television. Walters married him twice. They got married in 1981 after meeting on a blind date. The source said that at the time, Walters was at the top of her game and just starting out on “20/20.” But their marriage didn’t last long, and in 1984, Walters and Adelson got a divorce.

Also, Walters and Adelson fell in love again, and in 1986 they got married again. But, even though their second marriage lasted longer than the first, the couple is said to have broken up in 1992. But there was no bad blood, and Walters once said Adelson was a kind and gentle person. Walters told The New York Times that Merv was a kind, gentle man with a great sense of humor. “We were friends for a long time after we got married.”

Did Barbara Walters Have Any Children?

Jacqueline Guber was Barbara’s only child. She and her second husband, Lee Guber, raised her as their own. In an interview with Piers Morgan in 2013, Barbara said that she wished she had had more children.

“I regret not having more children. I wish I had been born into a bigger family. I have one girl, “Morgan told him.

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