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Who Is B Simone? Is She Trending On Twitter Page & Why?

B Simone is a globally adored singer and rapper. We can’t just call her a singer or rapper because she’s also a talented songwriter, producer, etc. As a social media influencer, she recently made Twitter’s trending page. Let’s look now.

Who Is B Simone?

Who is B Simone? Hilarious shower memes take over Twitter in wake of  singer's bizarre revelation

B Simone is a smart and energizing American singer and rapper. She was born in Dallas on April 5, 1995, according to sources. B Simone’s parents were pastors and housewives. She had a lovely childhood with her cute sister Jordyn.

B Simone, 32, joined the industry in 2012. She auditioned for BET’s The Search Contest and was chosen; she released Lost Soul. 2014 was her EP debut. B Simone got Aaliyah the following year. So she played the late singer in a biopic.

B Simone’s 2017 appearance on MTV’s Wild N Out boosted her career’s visibility. B Simone joined Lil Kim and Mya on VH1’s Girls Cruise in 2019. B Simone doesn’t limit her career to singing and rapping, thus she also works in business. She’s the CEO of vegan and cruelty-free makeup firm B Simone Beauty.

She’s also tried songwriting. Wet Jewels, Million Dollar Freestyle, The Box Freestyle, Blueberry Rain, and Mixed Feelings are among her best-known tracks. She has also headlined comedy gigs. B Simone was on the Lit AF Tour and Ladies Night Out Comedy Tour. She was also a guest on Mike Epps’s shows.

It’s hard to believe someone can do so much. B Simone was a dynamic personality who also produced films like Scheme Queens and You Are My Boyfriend. Her bubbly demeanor has earned her 6 million Instagram followers, 1 million Facebook followers, and 867K YouTube subscribers.

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Is She Trending On Twitter Page & Why?

She made headlines when she said she doesn’t take daily showers. She takes breaks between days and showers daily. B Simone said she’d shower again on Wednesday or Thursday if she showered on Monday.

B Megan Brooks’ Know For Sure podcast featured Simone. She recently told a scenario about her unusual shower regimen. Within seconds, the video went viral and her name appeared on Twitter’s trending list, where others generated memes. The discovery of her bathing habits trended on social media, generating parodies and humorous remarks.

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Twitter’s shower memes dominated the trending page. So after what she casually said went viral beyond her comprehension, she clarified that what she said had been distorted and that she does not mean she goes without a shower for four days. She explained that if she takes a shower on Monday, she’ll probably take another on Wednesday or Thursday morning.

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B Simone’s shower confession meant this. Social media users made memes about Simone’s shower habits. Simone stunned the netizens who made fun of her by going live on Instagram while showering.

In the video, she read netizens’ remarks and said she had previously cleansed her body. Social media users are waiting for a bone to make celebs troll and overwhelm social media with trolling.

She went live on Instagram, where she has 6 million followers, to reveal that she showered. Netizens never anticipated her to react so rivetingly on Instagram live.

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