Who Is Anderson Cooper Dating? Complete Info!

Nothing can stop you from becoming wealthy and famous and receiving the recognition you deserve if you work diligently with devotion and positivism. This is true for every person in this world. 

As with actors and singers, professionals in journalism and marketing are equally capable and dependable. 

They carve out a niche for themselves in this competitive market via their abilities and therefore establish themselves as a well-known celebrity just through their efforts. We shall discuss one such meticulous journalist in this piece, Anderson Cooper.

Anderson Cooper is a well-known New York City-based American television journalist. Anderson was born into a prosperous family and had an excellent education, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Arts. 

Thus, he continued his enthusiasm in journalism by filming for Channel One News in worn-torn locations. He is regarded as one of the most eminent journalists of all time. 

Anderson has been a committed guy since he was a young journalist. Cooper resisted all attempts to demotivate him, and as a result, he triumphed despite all obstacles.

Cooper has been in the headlines for his programs or extraordinary disclosures due to his status as one of the most valued journalists in the American television business. 

He is a forthright journalist, and his demeanor endears him to the public. Anderson made a formal revelation of his homosexuality in 2012. This caused quite a stir, and since then, people have been discussing his personal life more often. Let’s go further and discover, ‘Who is Anderson Cooper dating right now?’

Who Is Anderson Cooper Dating?

Anderson Cooper, the renowned silver fox, has always remained mute when questioned about his private life. 

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Although in 2012, in an interview with Andrew Sullivan that was eventually published as an article, he finally confessed his secret of being homosexual in front of the whole world.

Anderson has now gained confidence in his personality and has given several additional interviews regarding his life. He was formerly rumored to be dating Andy Cohen, his 25-year closest buddy. 

Although both of them rejected the reports, they both said that the love and care they have is just for the sake of friendship and that they have no desire to take it to another level.

He was afterward said to have dated Benjamin Maisani for an extended period. Additionally, the report was accurate. They were both in a relationship for a long time until March 2018, when they decided to call it quits. 

Since then, no similar Cooper tie-ups have been reported. Cooper’s personal life was again hidden, and he was connected to Victor Lopez after that. They dated for about a year before breaking up.

Cooper is now believed to be reunited with his ex-boyfriend Benjamin. Additionally, the cause for their reconciliation was believed to be Anderson’s surrogate son. 

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However, Anderson quickly refutes all of these rumors, stating that they continue to reside in the same house but are no longer together. 

Consequently, the rumor that Anderson was dating someone was snuffed out. As a result, we can conclude that Anderson Cooper is not dating anybody in 2022 and is thus single.

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