Whatsapp Contact Sharing: Now Sharing Of Contacts Made Easier With QR Codes

Whatsapp is one of the instant messaging platforms which supports Voice over IP service. It supports several platforms such as iOS, Android, and Web Version of Whatsapp on several web browsers. With the help of Whatsapp texting has become easier. Let us discuss Whatsapp Contact Sharing today.

WhatsApp Web

Users can make Voice Calls and Video Calls free of cost. In addition to these, users can make Groups and add participants to it. Texting on Whatsapp is fun, as it has a wide range of stickers and GIFs which helps in better interaction between users. Users can also send Voice messages an add stories too. When it comes to the additional features users can share Images, Videos, Documents, Locations, Contacts, and Payments. Whatsapp is very easy to use and it has many features that users can rely on. When it comes to Contact Sharing, the user needs to select one contact and send it to the other user. Now Contact sharing on Whatsapp is made easier with the help of QR codes. Let us talk about the new feature.

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Info about Whatsapp Contact Sharing:

We all know that users can share their contacts on Whatsapp. To share contacts we need to select on the Contact option and select the contact to share with and send it to the person. In this process, the name of the user and his contact info is also sent. Similarly, if you want to share your contact, you need to provide your contact details as Whatsapp works with the user contact details.

WABetaInfo has brought this feature to notice, which is in the latest WhatsApp beta version 2.20.171. In this Beta Version of Whatsapp, users can share their profile without sharing contact details. All a user needs to do is simply display the QR Code. Upon scanning the QR code the user can simply add us in their contacts without even sharing contact details.

This feature will be available in future stable builds, people who have already enrolled in Whatsapp Beta Program can have access to this new feature. To use this feature the users need to navigate to Settings Menu, on opening the settings menu we can see a small QR code beside the user’s name. On clicking the QR code option, a new section appears where you can see two tabs named My Code and Scan Code. Under the My Code tab, you can see your code. Whereas the Scan Code tab has a QR code in it, where you can share it others.

As of now, this feature isn’t available right now. It is found in the Beta version of Whatsapp. This feature is currently limited to Beta Testers, people who want to get their hands on this feature need to enroll in the Whatsapp Beta program or else download the Beta version of the Whatsapp.

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