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Poco Pop Buds: Everything You Need To Know About

Xiaomi is one of the leading Tech- Giants and also the best smartphone manufacturers in the world. They not only manufacture high-end flagship devices but also make mid-range and low-end devices so that everyone can afford it. At present, every smartphone manufacturers are trying to create devices that are affordable as well as powerful. The company claims that they produce high-quality products at a very honest price. Xiaomi also manufactures wireless wearable devices, which are very famous, reliable, and affordable. When it comes to the audio department the company manufactures Wired Earphones, True Wireless Earphones, Bluetooth Earphones, Wireless Headphones, Sound Bar, and Bluetooth Speaker. We all know that Poco is a sub-brand of Xiaomi. Let us talk about the new Poco Pop Buds which comes under True Wireless Earphones.

Image Credit: GSM Arena
Image Credit: GSM Arena

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Info about Poco Pop Buds:

We all know that Xiaomi Audio devices have received many positive reviews and ratings. The devices are quite affordable with long-lasting service without any issues. Poco, a sub-brand of Xiaomi has introduced new truly wireless earphones called Poco Pop Buds. The name was selected by the users. The company has started a poll on Twitter to choose a name for their True Wireless Earphones. Here is the poll on twitter.

As you can see from the poll, people were given four names and the name with the highest votes will be chosen as the device name. The four names are Poco Move Buds, Poco Klip Buds, Poco Pop Buds, and Poco Funkz. In the poll majority of the participants have chosen Poco Pop Buds with 42.2% of votes standing in the first.

There are many claims that the Poco Pop Buds are just a renaming of Mi AirDots 2 SE. If the claims are true then here are some of the main specifications of Mi AirDots 2 SE. The Mi AirDots 2 SE (TWS) features 14.2 mm drivers and touch controls. They are very light in weight, both the earbuds weigh 9.4 g and 48 g when measured along with the box. The earbuds also feature noise cancellation with the help of dual microphones. They also feature IR and Voice Controls with decent battery life. When it comes to compatibility the device support iOS and Android. The TWS earbuds buds work on Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

Image Credit: Weibo
Image Credit: Weibo

Poco Pop Buds might have similar specifications as the Mi AirDots 2 SE, as they are very identical. When it comes to pricing the TWS earbuds are very affordable with a price tag of $24 (Nearly INR1,799). All things considered, we can say that these Poco Pop Buds might be the cheapest TWS earbuds with decent specifications and features. Interested users can consider this as a choice.

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