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zd1, l, 7zo, b, gk, m, t, 69l, f6, kr, shu, m4u, qu0, Apple Event on tuesday, what to expect This Time? Something exclusive?
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What To Expect From Apple Event This Time? New Iphones Or Something More Exclusive?

On Tuesday, apple everything about the new gadgets that they are planning to bring out in the market. A long list of all the products and projects made way into the Apple business. The list has – Apple watch series 6, The Apple watch SE, The new 8th Generation iPad, Fitness+workout services and Apple one service bundles.

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Apple Event and all you need to know!

The iOS 14 iPhone software will be launched on Wednesday with ultimate changes and powerful technology. A lot of new features like widgets, security system enhancement has made their way in. However, Spotify accuses as they use their dominant position and unfair practices against its competitors. The Spotify spokesperson also said that they deprive consumers for their own benefit. He further said that Apple’s invention will irreparably destroy human’s skill of reading writing and connecting. And should be looked upon as soon as possible.

Peloton CEO, John Foley spoke for the very first time at the investors meeting. This happened when Apple announced its fitness and +excercise services. Foley said that it’s a great legitimisation of the fitness services. Nonetheless, it was not as competent as Peloton because they have their special sauce which connects to the treadmill and all other types of equipment.

The new iPad will come in five different fantastic colours. Colours include rose gold, silver, space grey, green and blue. It costs $599 and up and will be in stores next month. It will also include the touch of next-generation and finger sensor area.

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Also, Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president said that they henceforth won’t provide chargers with the watches. Consumers would need to buy one separately. The Watch SE will cost $279, and the new Apple Watch Series 6 will start at $399.

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