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Emily Ratajkowski Accuses Jonathan Leder To Sexually Abuse Her!

Emily Ratajkowski Accuses Her Photographer Jonathan Leder To Sexually Abuse Her. Is The Model Lying Or It’s The Truth?

The beautiful actor and model Emily look back at one of the tragedies that happened with her in 2012. She accused her then photographer Jonathan Leder for sexually assaulting her. Furthermore claiming that they were at the photographs home doing a photoshoot when it happened. However, photographer Leder strong’s denies that anything of that sort occurred between the two or if he did anything offending to her.

It’s been reported that Mr Leder published a book of some exclusive photos in 2016. And hence, the model comes forward saying that he published her pictures without her consent. To which Jonathan again refuses to accept the claim. In a battle between two successful people, it’s hard to find the false party. No concrete proof has been submitted from any one of the party’s side that will make sure they are innocent.

An essay by the model in Newyork magazine was published on the Tuesday issue. The title of the article was repurchasing Myself: When Does a Model Own Her Own Image? In this published work, she wrote everything that happened in 2012. She confessed how the photoshoot proceeded and all the situation that was created eight years ago.

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Everything you need to know that Happened with Emily!

It was the model’s agent at that time who booked the photoshoot in Woodstock, Newyork which was Leder’s flat. The photoshoot was unpaid, and it was for a magazine named Darius. Nonetheless, like all the other shoots, this one was also time-consuming, and it was required for the model to stay there overnight.

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She then further writes that at first, when Leder came to pick her up at the bus, he didn’t even see her directly. It was as if his attention was not on her. So hence she decided to impress him because the more he was avoiding her, the stronger was her urge to prove her worth. Because she knew that in show business, it’s essential to keep people impressed and hooked into you.

Furthermore, she said, she was relieved when two children at the house greeted her, and there was also a female makeup artist. But the shock came to her was that it was a lingerie shoot. And she was completely unaware of it. As she had already done a lot of such shoots, she didn’t make a big deal out of it and posed around with a glass of red wine which Leder continued to offer her throughout the shoot. Emily wanted to make her reputation as hardworking yet easygoing as she kept accepting the glasses of red wine.

Then the photographer urged her to be all naked. She stripped herself off of her clothes, and that’s when the wine started to do the trick. Soon she said she felt him kissing and her fingers were inside her. She pushed him away and ran to the other room and left the city the next morning.

Leder is denying all the allegations made!

Henceforth, nothing, if this sort at all happened, is what the photographer kept saying. He also further said that she was a model who bounced around naked at photoshoots and why would anybody believe her. Let’s hope that justice might get served.

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