What If Trump Refuses To Accept Defeat In November? Is This Pointing Towards The Survival Of Republic? Will It Remain Intact?

Donald Trump
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What is Trump doing just Breaking Promises?

It all began during the 2016 presidential campaign, where then-candidate Donald Trump refused to promise to accept the results of the election. Subsequently, the fear continues in 2020 that what is going to happen if Trump loses the election this time in November?

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However, he has continued his assaults on the reliability and legitimacy of mail-in voting. This has laid the groundwork for challenging a loss on the basis of voter fraud. Not only this he has also, refused to promise to observe the 2020 results.

This insane behaviour of his has led people and the election committee to worry that a contested election would severely destro the faith in American democracy.

What Will Happen To Legitimacy?

We all know that most of the contested presidential elections have not posed threats to the legitimacy of government. Moreover, legitimacy is very crucial to democracy. Any one individual does not rule democracy. It is known because of the active participation of the people to chose their government, their leaders.

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What is happening, has continued from the past, contested elections have not badly deteriorated the fabric of democracy. It is because the rules for handling such disputes exist and have been followed.

The System Collapses If There Is Unnecessary Objection!

Let me take you back to the 1860that election, which was a very different story. Let me brief you about the stage history. After Abraham Lincoln defeated three other candidates, and the southern states refused to accept the results. Also, they viewed the selection of a president who would not protect even slavery as illegitimate and even ignored the election’s results.

It was only through the profoundly bloody Civil War that the United States remained intact. Moreover, the situation got worse. So, we are just hoping that the present will not repeat the past.