What Do Data Brokers Know About You?

Have you heard of data brokers? If you haven’t, it is important to become aware of them. Put simply, they work on collecting data on people, including you, and then they sell that information.

What information do data brokers have about you? Continue reading to take a look at some of the types of data they might compile on people just like you.

Your Contact Details

Data brokers will usually have access to your contact information, such as your address, your phone number, and your email address. If you go to Nuwber and other people search websites, you will be able to search for someone using their name, address, or phone number, and you’ll be able to gain access to more information about the individual.

This might seem innocent enough because it makes it easy to find someone’s contact details in the event that you need to get in touch with them, but a lot of people might not be happy when they find out that their info is out there and so easy to find.

Your Major Life Events

Other information that data brokers might have on you include details about major life events, such as when you graduated from school and what level of education you have achieved. They might also know if you got married, as well as who you married.

And they might also know if you ended up getting divorced. Plus, because they have your contact details, they will also likely know where you used to live and when you moved to a new address.

Background Details

Background information, such as records of traffic violations and criminal records, might also be accessible when people ask data brokers for information about you. In addition to that, they might also provide details about your family members, such as their names.

And information like your age, gender, and race might also be provided by a data broker to someone who is trying to learn more about you.

Your Hobbies and Buying Preferences

Because data brokers might gather information from retailers and credit card companies, they might have information about how you spend your money, where you prefer to shop, if you owe any money to credit cards, and more. And this might help shed light on what hobbies you enjoy, based on the things you purchase and how often you shop at certain stores.

How Do They Collect These Details?

By now, you might be shocked by everything that a data broker might be able to learn about you. And you might also be wondering how they can even gain access to this type of information. Well, it is from a combination of sources, from public records to social media. That’s right: data brokers might end up finding quite a bit of info on you based on what you do online, from the posts that you like and the links that you click to the contests that you enter and the things that you share.

Different data brokers might have different amounts and types of information about you, and they might then sell that information to businesses that will use it to market their products and services to you. Simply being aware of these data brokers is the first step if you want to protect your personal info as best as possible.

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