Line Of Duty Season 7 Premier Date

However, everything good eventually dies. Some of the cast members’ tearful Tweets throughout Season 6’s airings have fueled speculation that this may be the series’ final chapter as the show attempts to tie up loose ends from previous seasons

We don’t know if or when Season 7 will be commissioned, but if it is, we’ll be waiting a while

Philip Osborne, who has been “bent” since the show started, is still working directly against AC-12

Marcus Thurwell, played by James Nesbitt, was briefly shown in Season 6 as a crooked retired officer who lived in Spain

Although BBC Chief Content Officer Charlotte Moore has shown enthusiasm for discussing the future of “Line of Duty” with the show’s writer, the BBC has not yet announced whether or not Season 7 is in the works

You Can Watch All Seasons of line of Duty only on Prime Videos. If Season 7 Happened it will also premiere on prime video

Line Of Duty Season 7 Premier Date