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Wayne Rooney- Documentary By Maradona Producers

The latest trend in the film industry, be it Bollywood or Hollywood, has begun an era, where biopics and documentaries are hot selling products in the market.
Adding to the league, one more content is all set to make its appearance. The name that has added to the list is none other than, Wayne Rooney.
Wayne Rooney is not a name that requires any introduction. The popular, star soccer player will be the subject for this upcoming.

The “Maradona” film producer and financer “Lorton Entertainment” is all set to develop the documentary.
Lorton Entertainment is also busy with other projects that will also add to this list. And interestingly we will get to see more of such documentaries in the coming times.

The biopic-documentary will feature Wayne’s life struggles. Starting from his early childhood to the day he becomes a star, all of the aspects will feature in the movie.
The documentary will feature his professional debut at the age of 16, till now.


Matt Smith, the popular and, BAFTA- award winner director, will direct this documentary for Wayne.
The documentary will show Wayne’s journey from Everton’s start reaching Manchester United and England’s top star.
To all this, Wayne expressed his feelings that he is very much excited about the documentary and it will show what he is. He adds that this documentary will look into all of his life journey’s aspects.

The documentary, apart from England’s Soccer star’s professional life will also peep-in inside his private life too.
At this time, the documentary is all set to shoot and the production house and the team is busy collecting all the archives and videos, photographs that will feature Wayne and give an inside story of his journey.

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