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Meri Brown : Pleaded For No Criticism

Meri Brown, Sister Wives fame, is a name who’s never new to controversy and criticism.
She just has sparked off a controversy but this time for the criticism she faced.
She just becomes prey to cyberbullying.

Let me open up the whole controversy. It all started with a photograph she just posted on her Instagram. Where she was seen in a right after the workout look.
She took to post a selfie there with the caption reading, “Early Workout Done.”
In the picture, the thing which all people noticed was her eyebrows.

So the controversy sparked off here with the observation skills and the critics she got after posting it.
People started trolling her over her eyebrows. All the social media trackers who keep a track of Meri’s posts found out differences in her eyebrows comparing her last photos with the new upload.

In reality, Meri’s eyebrows are very light and faded. While in the picture uploaded, her eyebrows are very prominent and bright. So, the trollers find it a chance to criticize her and bully her.
To this, Meri feels very much offended and took to Instagram to post a story and criticizing the criticizers for online bullying her.

It has already been discussed in the show when Mariah and Meri went into a catfight and Mariah commented on her faded, light eyebrows and how she draws them to make them bright.
Meri too has already admitted about her faded eyebrows in the late episodes of “Sister Wives” at some points.
To our concerns, it is always condemned to bully someone in any form.

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