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Washington D.C: Unemployment Insurance Of $300 Will Soon Be Available For The Eligible Citizens

Corona virus outbreak has had a huge impact on the economy of the country. Thus in  Washington D.C unemployment insurance has been approved. As the pandemic has resulted in loss of jobs and livelihood for many citizens. Therefore the government has been releasing several financial aides from time to time

$300 Unemployment Insurance To Be Available Soon In Washington D.C

In lieu of the Corona virus several citizens have become unemployed. And are facing a huge financial crisis. Although relief packages have been released from time to time but the rate of unemployment is increasing day by day.

Washington D.C
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Thus way back in July Donald Trump had talked about an extra bonus for the unemployed citizens. As the federal money of $600 per week wasn’t enough. And the government had fallen short of funds. After this announcement many people had applied for unemployment insurance.

And it has finally been approved by The Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Why Is It Important?

Well this unemployment insurance is a part of Lost Wages Assistance Program. And it is mean to provide financial help to the needs citizens who lost their jobs.

Washington D.C
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Therefore an extra amount of $300 will be available for the needy people who had applied for it. Also as this fund is approved in Washington D.C it is said that the amount will be provided as soon as possible.

So there is a possibility of the funds to reach to the needy people by early October. Before Washington D.C states like Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia already got the approval for releasing extra funds.

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Also the officials of D.C have said that they applied  for the fund a little late. And the reason was that they were checking on whether it will have any negative impacts on the insurance trust fund or not.

And after checking everything they applied for the fund. Because it is quite important for the citizens who lost their jobs because of the pandemic.

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