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n2, 57d, 7y, fng, kgr, e, da, xu, w4, vn8, ska, rz, The US Relief package's bill to pass 60 votes?- Mcconnell stays optimistic!
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Vote To Be Held This Week For COVID-19 Relief Package. Is The Decision Going To Benefit People?

Today is the day that the US Senate will vote for the Republican’s relief bill passage. Yes, the Republicans Mcconnell have come up with with a set amount of fund to use as COVI-19 relief package bill.  The amount is said to be set on $3 Billion. However, it’s much less than the first stimulus check but it will surely and certainly help people to cope up in this pandemic. It will also help the ailing economy of America and would bring relief to people.

Though, there are high chances that the bill may not be passed. But nonetheless, Republican and the Senate are set to have a vote just today. It is also said that it will be the last and the only vote to be held before the presidential election2020. The elections held on 3rd November has the candidates- Donal Trump and Joe Biden.

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The republicans and the democrats still stay deadlocked between the pill to pass. The corona has killed over 190,000 in The United States and 900,000 around the whole world.

Senate Majority Leader McConnell Stays Optimistic!

Now, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell needs at the least of 60 votes to make the COVID-19 relief package bill pass. In a 100 member chamber to make a bill pass, there should be 60 votes for it. And if the majority leader fails somehow, then the member would no longer tend to this issue. The member would wrap up their works in a week probably and make themselves ready for the presidential election.

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We all know that this pandemic has cost people all over America and the world to lose millions of jobs. Hence, Biden Accuses Trump of how he is dealing with the whole situation. The whole of America is on their tippy-toes to get the news about bill passage.

Stay tuned to know more!

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