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Trump’s Criticism Against Military Makes The Top Army General To Lash Out. Why Does Trump Keep Getting In Trouble?

Trump has reportedly been criticised from all over the world. Be it a reporter, A salon owner, an ordinary worker, his colleagues anyone, Trump has disappointed everyone big time. Moreover, now the criticism comes from the top army general- and U.S. Military in general.

Trump now criticises Army General!

Trump made a comment that made the U.S. Army lash out at him. He said that the U.S Army want ‘endless wars’.  I mean commenting this as a President in the running to his army seems so weird. Like seriously? Trump never really stop making people disappointed in him.

Anyways when the Army General was asked to comment on the phrase said by Trump, he swiftly avoided answering it. Furthermore, he said that there are so many sons and daughters of the leaders serving in the army. And he further assures the media that they will only go to the combat when they would get orders.

And the senior leaders who take orders won’t ever allow it unless it’s the matter of National emergency and security. He also said that they value the lives of the people who serve in the army.

Whereas President hasn’t yet confirmed the reports about him calling the dead soldiers ‘losers’ and ‘suckers’. Media doubts if he ever will. The President doesn’t stop there but he inderictly accuses Biden and the Army. His opinion states that the military go to war to make the makers of guns and weapons happy. Does that even make any sense?

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Trump further says that some war servers do not want to come back home. They just want to spend the government’s money and act like cold-hearted people. The current President is fighting a re-election with his opponent being Joe Biden.

We and the people of America as a whole wishes that the presidential elections of 2020 stay in the welfare of people. The U.S general and military people are highly offended by Trump’s baseless accusations on everyone he meets.


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